Playing Sessions for Keeps

Some days watching a campaign is like dealing with a bunch of Kindergarteners, or at least watching the tactics of Pete Sessions' is campaign anyway.

In this insightful article, I see letter after letter written by the Sessions campaign finding every reason possible why he should not attend a Doctor/Patient forum. Now the newest excuse is they are claiming the event is a Katrina Pierson campaign event.  Oh sure.  I can see it now, She'll be asked easy questions and come off looking like a Power Puff girl while Pete Sessions comes out looking like the giant green ogre.  Do they really believe the stuff they publish?

Is Pete Sessions that skeered to come out at night and answer questions being put forth by real-life doctors on one of today's hyper relevant topics? These are not paid actors, in fact the list of doctors holding this forum is quite impressive indeed. No, rather, the Sessions campaign will continue to make up excuse after excuse so that he can avoid the public, his public. Rude.

In a similar instance, I called out his campaign manager recently on feigning interest in meeting up for a coffee and a hearty chew the biscotti session.  If you recall, her response is that she was way too busy.  After I posted that little tidbit in my blog, she reached out to me and said she did not know that I knew about Katrina's arrest so now miraculously she had time for a coffee, but I would have to make the drive to Dallas to meet her. 

My but that is interesting, especially since Kim Locus was all over the internet spreading a whisper campaign against Katrina Pierson in an attempt to pique interest of gossips. She called Pierson a charlatan and hinted that she has some sort of background, and Locus stated that I was being used to spread an agenda.

Well isn't that the pot screaming the kettle's name loud and clear?  Suddenly the fact I know what information Locus is peddling enables her to free up time to meet with me despite claiming she was crazy busy only days ago? There is nothing I cannot stand more than someone who is wishy-washy and plays a very poor game of hangman.

 I do not play those sort of elementary school games.  I play for keeps.