Sessions Ratchets Up Whisper Campaign

The Pete Sessions Whisper Campaign is in full swing.  I received an email from an acquaintance in Wylie who thanked me for posting the Whisper Campaign information in my previous blog post.

Just before I started checking emails, I saw your latest post on the "Whisper Campaign".  Glad you posted that on the blog.  [My husband] had gotten a phone call sharing of Katrina's shoplifting debacle. It was a recent campaign call from the PS campaigners.  [My husband] had told them that we had always voted for him, but we were NOT anymore as PS had burned that bridge.  They then told him that Katrina had a past that voters needed to know about and shared that tidbit with him.  They have called several times since then and he keeps telling them we are NOT changing our mind.  I figured they shared the tidbit with [My husband] because he was having a debate with them on the phone when they called.  After reading your post, I bet they are telling that to everyone they call AND making it sound like it was Katrina.

This is absolutely laughable.  Might I remind readers that whisper campaigns by candidates and their employees are illegal in the State of Texas!

258.004. Text of Code

(2) I will not use or permit the use of character defamation, whispering campaigns, libel, slander, or scurrilous attacks on any candidate or the candidate's personal or family life.
I believe it is pretty clear that the Pete Sessions campaign is spreading libelous rumors around town.  All one need do is take a look at the Facebook activities I highlighted in a previous blog post where Kim Locus, Sessions' Campaign Manager, was spreading these whispers. In my opinion, about now might be the time for Ms. Pierson's campaign to look into some litigation on the issue.   This was not a volunteer, this came directly from Sessions' campaign employee who is being paid by our tax dollars. No wonder why she declined meeting me and others, as if that will somehow protect Pete Sessions from embarking on illegal campaign activity.  The problem is, they have it in writing from her.

Despite all of this, I cannot help but be a tad dismissive about all of this.  Someone I spoke with said it so poignantly, "If Sessions cannot run on his own record and has to resort to defamation of character, he may as well hang it up." True, so true.

Is this all the Sessions campaign has?  A smear campaign?  Whispering because Katrina came from a questionable home life and lower class circumstances rather than wealthy parents and family from Highland Park? Is his whole campaign platform going to focus on nonsense from the past? Why don't we address nonsense from the present?

How about we address the Sessions campaign's inability to tell the truth? I love how they tout Sessions' voting record against Obamacare, but they neglect to point out that he voted against defunding it - twice!  In fact, he recently announced to the world that it was too late to defund it; a ridiculous notion. Is Sessions that weak that he caves so easily to the whims of the Obama administration? Sadly, Sessions shuns Senator Ted Cruz  so it is clear that Sessions is not up for a fight, rather espousing the go along to get along mantra.

How about we point out that Sessions wants to hide from his past supporters by refusing to hold Town Hall meetings?  He was recently invited to a Healthcare Forum and his campaign's response to the invite is nothing more than a shield to further hide him from the public:

Begins: Saturday, February 8 2014 at 4:30 PM
Location: Fellowship Bible Church
9330 North Central Expressway
Dallas, TX 75231

Obamacare: Patient-Doctor Forum

Concerned Citizens and Physicians of Congressional District 32, a local Republican-aligned group, announces its upcoming Patient-Doctor Forum to discuss the growing concern and distress with the tragic realities of the nationalization of healthcare in the United States, commonly called "Obamacare."

Moderated by Mr. Kerby Anderson

Invited Candidates: Congressman Pete Sessions & Ms. Katrina Pierson

Objective: Candidates will explain their position on Obamacare, answer questions from panel and audience, and discuss their alternatives to Obamacare.
Patrick Roughneen MD
FRCS Cardiovascular Surgeon | Private Practice
Mark Cancemi MD
Anesthesiologist | Private Practice
James Mackie MD
Hematologist | Oncologist | Private Practice
Grant Beckham MD
Internal Medicine | Private Practice
Bonney Lammers MD
Internal Medicine
Ivette C. Lozano MD
Family Medicine | Pediatrics | Minor Emergencies | Private Practice
Robert Pollard MD
General and Vascular Surgeon | Private Practice
Carol Haynes Ph.D
Insurance Expert | Patient
Cherie Myint Roughneen BSN

Practice Manager | Nurse

Here is the link to his official campaign response:

Here is the official response from the organizers:

Is he living on the same planet we are? The arrogance of Pete Sessions' response shows he is attempting to avoid the subterfuge of his disturbing behind-the-scenes support of Obamacare. The man no longer has a stellar record to stand on.

Rather, the Sessions campaign is trying to make voters believe that it was Katrina who did the shoplifting through their Whisper Campaign tactics and as I established in my last post, stores are readily willing to arrest everyone who is with a shoplifter.  Besides, who hasn't selected a less than upstanding friend somewhere in their past?  If you haven't, then congratulations as you are the second Son of God.

So what about Sessions lying about his residency?  I'm guessing about now he is looking at moving into some other more 'permanent' looking location. I suppose when you are called out for lying, you need to change what you did in order to continue pretending you are not lying. However people are not stupid, but he clearly believes they are by pretending to live in a dumpy efficiency apartment in the village. Notice he never claims he and his new wife ever lived there.  I would be willing to stake money that she has never stepped foot in that dump.  Yet Sessions' response to this residency allegation is that he and his 'new' wife are trying to figure out their multiple households.  The man has had over two years to figure this out. Hello? Clearly he is living in Florida with his wife and this efficiency apartment is barely passable as a vacation spot when he is in town.

 So if we are going to compare moral infractions, I would say Pete Sessions holds the edge. 

I am highly disappointed in Sessions' campaign tactics. Clearly the man has no record to stand on so his campaign tactic is that of smearing his opponent.  Does he really believe that following along with all the other Republicans in DC is an accomplishment?

Sadly, he cannot stand as a family man with his wife and children behind him since he divorced his wife of 27 years and left her alone to care for their son with Down's Syndrome as soon as he turned 18 and no longer had any financial responsibility to him.  He cannot stand on his conservative voting record as he is failing that according to Heritage Action and FreedomWorks. So what is left for Pete Sessions to campaign on?  Whispers, name-calling, and innuendo. Pitiful.

Katrina Pierson made it clear from the very first time she spoke that she had a less than desirable family and came from less than desirable circumstances.  Her father was black, her mother was white and underage.  She was raised by her grandparents for the most part, and lost them at a fairly early age.  If anyone thinks this sort of upbringing can leave someone totally unscathed, they are fooling themselves.

My friend who is supporting Pete Sessions did not necessarily come from the sparkling side of the railroad tracks, nor did his wife. In fact, he and his wife became pregnant outside of wedlock.  Yet they married and rose above their backgrounds and have become upstanding, thoughtful, and intelligent leaders. So the fact that they are buying into this Whisper Campaign tactic is a bit sad because their supporters did not buy into that tactic when applied to them. But you can see how much damage can be done to a candidate's reputation when a candidate applies untoward campaign practices.

The larger question with regard to a person's history is what did this individual do with that baggage?  Katrina Pierson put herself through college, holds two degrees, held a professional healthcare position for 12 years before becoming a highly sought after business consultant. She championed the Dallas Tea Party and helped deliver millions of supporters of the Tea Party Movement. Now she is running against a man with a past that is even less savory than hers because he forgot the people when he bought into the wine and dine jet-set in Washington DC.

I believe Katrina Pierson's present is far more notable than Pete Sessions' and it is time for a change.
And let's get real about it, people are really tired of the negativity from these old school politicians who call conservatives names like Wacko Birds.  People are also tired of the elitist pretense about these Republicans who walk around pointing fingers and holding their hand over a wide open mouth.  It's so easy for people to claim they are holy and feign shock and horror in a sort of pot/kettle thing. If I applied this, I guess I should have never supported the people I did over the years because their pasts have been less than perfect. It is is not exactly a Mary Poppins world out there, but again, to me the most important aspect is what did the individual do with that baggage and have they overcome their past to the point of redemption.

An example of this is when I became a Pro-Life supporter.  I had written several blog posts about my culpability in supporting my best friend's abortion when we were 19 years old.  My priest explained it to me, saying, "A person cannot be held to the same level of culpability at 19 as they are 20 years later." He was right.

People want real people to represent them.  They want people who will listen to them and take their message to Washington DC.  They don't really care about all this other minutiae of drinking binges and allegations of pot smoking or affairs. This is why those old dogs like McCain, Graham, McConnell, Cornyn, and Sessions are in trouble and are tossing the mud every which way.  They know they did not deliver the people's message and are about to face grueling challenges.

People are sick of seeing an old white indignation-feigning fart in Washington DC and I doubt the Sessions Whisper Campaign is going to help him in the long run.