Sessions Over

Since I just got snuggled into the jamjams after a long Katrina campaign area coordinator meeting, I am attempting to wind down just enough that the possibility of a sandman visit lies somewhere between slightly less than remote and impossible. When you are a Type-A personality you find it difficult to turn off from the always-on position.  OK so you caught me, I am actually pouring my hopes into two glasses of a nice bubbly prosecco just in case.

For the record, if I thought I was tired working endless precinct walks, it is nothing compared to this final stretch of early voting.  And one must ask, why exactly do we have so many days of early voting anyway?  Isn't a week enough that we need to have a full 10 days? Are people that lazy they cannot pick themselves up from an armchair round of Walking Dead and fit their civic duty in just one week?

I feel about early voting like I feel about the abortion law that travesty that is Wendy Davis just tried to kill in the State of Texas.  Obviously I would love to abolish abortion but I know that is not a possibility so if I must work within the confines, I don't see a problem with a 20 week cutoff.  If you are so stupid that you cannot make up your mind after a series of months then heaven help you. So remind me again why we need ten full days of early voting? But I digress.

Tomorrow is the first long day of early voting in Texas.  I should probably mention here that I must also work within the confines of the new campaign laws and the City of Wylie ordinances, and I am required to take my Katrina yard signs down from the polls within 30 minutes of their closing every day. Well that's all fine and dandy if you are in the City of Dallas and you have an abundance of volunteers, but there are only a handful of us and to be honest, at this point in the game that rule is just working my last nerve. 

Still, I am amazed that I am still standing and I am surviving on very little sleep.  But no matter how much time I put in, I am in awe of how tirelessly and gracefully Katrina Pierson works. And she looks fresh and rested despite the nonsensical unraveling of her opponent Pete Sessions and his bizarre blast emails accusing Katrina of stalking him. How one could overlook such lunacy is beyond me, yet she continues to stay focused.  I honestly don't know how she does it but I am guessing it is a gift from God above. 

So the big Sessions come-back is that Katrina is stalking him.  I honestly cannot fathom when she would even have the time. Perhaps maybe if she skips her morning constitution she might have the extra 5 minutes to go harass him.  Are these people for freaking real?  No seriously!

Since I never had the desire to sign up for the Sessions spittle rag, I had to be sent their side-splittingly hilarious email.  Can I just say Drama Queen here?   You can look forward to my full assessment of Kim Locus' astute writing skills if I have some spare time tomorrow afternoon but until then, I must warn you that her most recent incoherent babbling was quite a treat.  After I stopped laughing, and was able to get the side cramp under control, I felt just the teensiest bit bad for them. 

Here is Pete Sessions' campaign completely unraveling before our very eyes. The truth is, that if the Sessions camp felt they had this in the bag at this late stage in the game, they wouldn't be trembling over the accusation that he is not spending his time in Texas.  Rational people will be able to read between the lines of their very strange email.

In fact, the real point of my residency argument is being played on semantically by the Sessions crowd, so I will clarify for the record.  It isn't whether Pete owns anything or rents something it's about where he is spending his time when he is not in DC. The Sessions suck ups are doing their best to avoid that answer, rather spoon feeding constituents more lies claiming he had to move from that teensy dump of an apartment because people were shouting at him while he was in there.  Really?  And from what part of the interviewed neighbors did anyone get that the man had ever stepped foot in that apartment, let alone his Maserati and Porsche driving wife?

However I am not worried.  I know that I must have hit them close to the truth or they wouldn't be flailing about sending absurd emails and appear to be rocking in the fetal position in a dark corner somewhere.

It is clear that Pete Sessions and his pals will continue to take their whacks at Katrina Pierson because they have nowhere else to turn. With emails like the one placed in my hands tonight,  I can only hope that this Session is over.