Taking Pete Sessions' Place

I found a little something something to set the mood for readers to help ease them into this particular blog post.  So dim your lights a little and just let the music wash over you.  You will notice many parts of the song that apply to this post, but more particularly the words that reverberate, "When I wake up, I'm afraid, somebody else might take my place." 

I find so much about this song fits the Congressional District 32 political scene at the moment. I say this because I spent the better part of yesterday doing some research for this post, and frankly, I felt as if I should take a shower after I read all the smears being tossed at Katrina Pierson by Pete Sessions' campaign manager Kim Locus and her social networking playmates.

Make no mistake, this ugliness is ultimately owned by Pete Sessions as he sits idly by and allows the juvenile behavior of his employees and supporters. His silence on the character assassination tacitly endorses this activity.  From Pete's mouth to Kim's fingers, he is her boss and is completely responsible for what comes out of his office.

Finish the song and let your mind drift back to reality. I'll wait for you.

Though Kim Locus seems to believe she is sending out some uber-spiffy cryptic tweets, her activity on Twitter actually seems a tad psychotic in nature #onlymeandmybffsgetthis.  In the end, Locus is only tweeting to 194 followers and her hashtag use is completely ineffective, so I am overall dismissive of her childish behavior, because #nobodyisreading. However the point of this post is that her true moral ambiguity comes out and it is pretty shocking for someone who claims to be a good Christian.

Here are a few samples of her pure genius:

Look at her peculiar posts about my blog, which she doesn't realize helps to SEO it further up the Google search engine as people start looking for it #beflooded. Seems she is not all that Internet savvy.  Surely I must be close to her in age but compared to her, I am one bad-ass chick when it comes to social networking.

Notice Kim Locus RTs (retweets for you those Twitterless peeps) and her own posts.  Some RT ditties are from her Twitter friend known as 'Not Katrina Pierson'. Cute, ain't it?

Further investigation of Not Katrina Pierson, whom Kim Locus obviously knows  personally,
has a whopping 20 followers and listed among them is none other than her nasty pal Elizabeth Bingham.  Elizabeth is an outreach chair for the Dallas County Republican Party.

There is also the usual bunch of spammers who follow anything in order to get follow backs on Twitter.  However the individual who owns this Twitter account opened it up on February 4th right after I started blogging about the Pete Sessions whisper campaign.

In fact, Kim Locus publicly acknowledges to the world via Twitter that she has embarked on a #whisper campaign, and she even finds it cute.


Then the Sessions campaign really started to spread their whispers about Katrina's shoplifting arrest from when she was young, and Locus and her pals thought it would be oh so Christian-like to tweet these:

I have always found that when you have to resort to petty attacks, you have lost your argument. Yet this childishness doesn't stop there. Pete Sessions' campaign manager and supporters went on to make even more asinine tweets:

Boy, they sure are special in their own little way, aren't they?

I'm so glad the Sessions supporters think that everyone laid off and receiving unemployment is on the 'dole'.  Nothing like bitch slapping your constituents around, but then again maybe this is a reminder that the only supporters Pete Sessions cares about are those who are so wealthy they don't need to go on unemployment should they lose a job.  Good to know.

Right about now it may also be interesting to note  that Kim Locus finds it so funny that there are accusations that Pete Sessions has hardly ever been spotted at the apartment he listed when he filed to run:

 This was her response to an email I sent out to those in my email list. Obviously chess was not her strong suit.

Then there is this Fred guy who claims Pete Sessions spoon feeds himself from his babbling brook of riparian bloggage. Note the high-fives over libelous trash talk:

I don't believe I need to point out that some of these comments border on libel.  So tell me exactly how it is that the Tea Party conservatives are supposed to be the hateful ones? When you read between the lines of this nonsense, do you see an underlying theme here?  I don't even have to highlight it because it's not so difficult to connect those dots when you read these posts one after another.  And this nonsense is from someone who claims Pete Sessions is a 'good friend'.

At this point I am fairly certain my readers are about to beg me to make it stop. Sadly, I am unable to, however you are.  By casting your vote with thousands of others who are voting for Katrina Pierson because they too are infuriated at this behavior.

Most important to know as you head to the polls is what Pete Sessions and his campaign manager think of you:

They think you are stupid, idiot, liars.  So there you have it in their own words.

All of these posts put a glaring spotlight on the real issue.  Pete Sessions is scared and with good reason.  One day he might wake up and find that someone else took his place.