Texas is Going to Save the World

Of all the joints in the world, we had to pick this one.  God had a plan and it meant prodding us to select our modest home in the small town of Wylie, Texas.

When we moved here, Wylie was not even on the weather maps. But some of the most unlikely characters have converged and helped put us there.

First came Mayor John Mondy who's developer dealings started the boom of vanilla homes lining a cross-hatch of streets. If you build it they will come and young families arrived.

Next came Mayor Eric Hogue whose unending cheerleading of Wylie to anyone that would listen helped bring more growth including much needed shopping.  Now we even sport our own state of the art movie theater.  Wylie landed on the local maps.

Also around about that time a wannabe writer opened up a blog in the hopes that she could change some of the things she did not like taking place in her little community. 

Whatever this strange passionate concoction resulted in, somehow we have been able to place Wylie on the political map as well.  We now have small groups of average citizens who have stepped up to volunteer on what has quickly become a national campaign. A beloved candidate, Katrina Pierson has spent a considerable amount of time in Wylie, not only because her son attends Wylie East High School and his father lives here, but because there is something special about this little town and we just can't quite put our finger on it.

Now here comes the bit where I am going to gush a little.  I was told last night that THE Sarah Palin has read my blog.  Imagine?  Sarah Palin who could focus her attention on any manner of issues across the country, and there are many, has read my blog and understood how important it is that one little town, and one insignificant blogger stirred up so much interest in a campaign. Make no mistake, Wylie, Texas is on the maps!

I knew I was causing a stir some time ago.  Though I don't obsess with my Google Analytics, I had noticed that I've had some readers from media, the Senate, and the House as they were showing up in greater numbers once I started blogging about Katrina's campaign. I am normally very nonchalant about these things since I am not easily star struck, but something about Sarah Palin changed things.  Shit just got real.

For this reason, I am convinced that God moved a girl from Detroit and a boy from Brooklyn to Texas because Texas is going to change the world. The political races here are so very important to our liberty and the protection of this country from people who fundamentally wish to remove those liberties under the name of social justice. I believe in my heart that Texas is the place to be.

All eyes are on Texas, and the little town of Wylie has a little corner of the spotlight.