The Angie Chen Button Falls Off

Here's a real treat for you.

Angie Chen Button took a trip to loonesy-kuckooville at a Candidate Forum last night held by the Garland and Richardson Tea Parties. 

To understand the ridiculousness of this tirade, you would have had to have the birds-eye view I had because I was sitting right behind Ms.Button and her husband.

When the official came to do the coin toss, she happened to win so she got to select whether she went first or last. She selected first then she made a big stink about having the last word and he told her it was for the first word and then the moderator would fluctuate back and forth to the end. She carried on that she wanted to speak last and I think frankly he was confused as to what exactly this woman wanted.  Evidently she wanted to give her introduction first and also have the last word which I pretty typical of these seasoned politicians who only care about their gums flapping. Both candidates had their equal time however this arrogant woman would not have any of that and insisted on having the last word.

To compound her ire, her opponent Conservative Jared Patterson gave some facts in his closing statement about how much money she donated to some of the largest liberals in North Texas.

Rather than respect the system, moderator, and audience, she grabbed the microphone and set about on a one-woman tantrum while the crowd attempted to clap, cheer, and heckle over her to stop it.

She was anything but a class act tonight. Oh, and I made sure to let her husband in front of me know.  I told him how disrespectful her behavior was and that though I am not even in her district, I would be sure to post the video of this spectacle.

After this veritable bundle of nonsensical ridiculousness finished showing her true colors, I would say that it is time to remove her and vote for Jared Patterson for State Representative.


Angie Chen Button Unhinged

(I will post the video thumbnail in my blog rather than the link as soon as it is available through YouTube)