The Sessions Big To Doo Doo

Could there by any greater cry of desperation from the Sessions campaign than sending out a rather disjointed, maniacal email? Get this, Sessions is claiming that Katrina Pierson is now stalking him. This man is delusional.

The inane ramblings of this letter written by the not so creative writer, campaign manager Kim Locus can be viewed here.  In my opinion, this is a serious cry for an intervention, or at the very least some professional counseling. It is about time to land those circling black helicopters.

Make no mistake about this, Republicans are not 'confused' as Sessions claims we are in that letter.  When I am working the polls the resounding message is that Republicans do not like how they are being un-represented in Congress and they want someone new.  In short, they are die-hard fans of Senator Ted Cruz and they want the feisty female version to be installed in Congress so that someone has Cruz's back. 

While working the polls I don't even have to broach the topic of Pete's strange living conditions, or his maniacal campaign manager and hateful Internet pals.  The words I use are simple, "Pete Sessions has been in Congress nearly two decades." And the resounding response is always, "Oh, then he needs to go!" It's that easy. It is a really soft sell, folks.  On the other side of the coin, the Sessions camp is giving you the hard-sell smack down.

This tactic is nothing new.  Remember all the nonsensical 'facts' David Dewhurst and his establishment Texas cronies tossed at Ted Cruz during his campaign? Turns out, Cruz is not some double agent for China after all.  These GOP RINOs will stop at nothing, so I expect to hear some recycled accusations levied against Katrina Pierson in the near future. The sad part is, Sessions doesn't have a leg to stand on and his campaign tactics are becoming more and more deranged, disturbing, and quite frankly are turning people off.

As Sessions ramps up the smear campaign, look for big money being spent on smear-mercials and mailers this week and hey, we might even get to see Mike Huckabee parachuting in within days to help out another establishment crony.

Even more entertaining is that the Sessions campaign has jumped on the Obama 'fake controversy' bandwagon and now adds that moniker to all the complaints levied against him this past year. If you believe him then you too are mouthing, fake cloture vote, fake bail-outs, and fake increase of debt ceiling.

So will his campaign begin claiming Katrina Pierson is a 'fake' candidate, just a dancing hologram from Walt Disney World? I think he has been spending a little too much time in Florida.  Applying that logic, I guess that makes her volunteers 'fake' as well; never mind those cardboard cutouts behind the curtain!  This blog is only a figment of your imagination! This is some pretty entertaining stuff when you get on a roll with it.

Do not despair, as this is all good news for Katrina Pierson supporters.  The drama queen that is Pete Sessions is now out of the closet and flailing his fussy feather boa at us, and we are getting a front row view of the quality of his character, as well as a birds-eye-view of his dynasty of lies crumbling.

Did you ever notice that your child hides a note home from the teacher or a bad report card or grade? That's what people do when they know they have disappointed others.  They hide.

Pete Sessions is no stranger to hiding either. The fact is, the bulk of his time not spent in DC has not been spent in CD32.  Sessions began hiding when he secretly stepped out on his wife Juanita, and began playing hide the baloney in a twisted double life in Florida with a woman whom he gave a ton of money to while he was Chairman of the NRCC. Dirty, dirty, dirty, and you thought House of Cards wasn't real.

Kim Locus can click her ruby red heels and repeat the mantra that Pete as living 'frugally' and 'not everyone owns a residence', but all the word-smithing in the world will not make a presence in Texas so.  Pete Sessions hopes voters are stupid enough to believe he has spent oodles of time in Texas as he stabs scads of lawn signs around the polling locations. 

I don't care if our candidates own property here or even move in with a divorced male friend, if they are not stepping foot on Texas soil, holding town hall meetings, or debating their opponent, then they are clearly unengaged from their constituents. Unengaged is even a bit of a misnomer here, more on point Sessions has been almost invisible this past two years since his personal life started to run amok.

Pete Sessions has been absent from Wylie as well.  I have quite literally had City of Wylie employees walk by me at the polls and tell me, " I am voting for your candidate!" No surprises here.  The fact is, Wylie has remained completely ignored by Pete Sessions until somewhere about August last year when the rumors began flying that Katrina Pierson was going to run.  Suddenly Pete Sessions anointed himself the poster boy for the City of Wylie. 

Our employees take great pride in this City so it should not come as any surprise that the Sessions previous snub has annoyed many City employees greatly.

Wylie is not going to beg Rep. Sessions to bestow his presence upon us.  If he couldn't figure out where Wylie was after the gerrymandering ended a couple years ago and we were suddenly dropped into his district, then that is his great misfortune, because Wylie is a pretty great place to be.

In the end, I predict all this Sessions to-do is for naught.  When push comes to shove, voters are tired of incumbents and the name of the game will be to remove them.