The Three Types of Voters

Now that early voting is over, I have spent enough time at the polls to be able to reflect effectively on the types of people that come to the polls.  Not surprising, I have identified three types.

There are the ones who don't mind talking to you and like a good joke. These are the ones that make it all worthwhile.  They are friendly and to be honest, they are usually there to vote for Katrina Pierson, among others.  I cannot even count how many have told me they want all incumbents out.  Others say they are angry with Part-time Pete because he has forgotten us, screwed around on his wife of 27 years, and doesn't live here. Hells I don't even have to mention those little nuggets as they are fully aware of them. There was even one who said he was voting for Katrina because she was, 'hot'. Hey, whatever works.

Then there are the ones who walk up with very sour faces and they look at you with a blank stare.  I am not exaggerating as I have heard this comment from every volunteer I have had working at the polls. You just know they are not going to vote for Katrina and they confirm it by being rude in their response. You have to wonder why these people are so miserable.  If your candidate is making you that bitter and hostile you might want to consider one that gives you hope.  Just a thought. 

Then there are the ass-hats who walk up, get in your face, call you 'stupid', walk past with a hateful look on their face, or even walk past without looking at you as you merely ask them if they will be voting.  It's as if they would just as soon pull out a machete and slice your face off if they thought they could get away with it without spending life in prison.

These are some of the most miserable people I have ever had to deal with.  I confirm their party affiliation when they say that if Katrina is not a Democrat they aren't voting for her.  Their sourness is confounding; honestly these people should be happy as Mexican jumping beans. They have a liberal in the house and a liberal majority Senate, as well as lapdog House members who are going along with them.  They are getting oodles of assistance from the likes of Pete Sessions, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain so in my honest opinion, these people should be rejoicing. Strangely they are not.  

Yet they are some of the nastiest, bitter people I have ever come across. Again, I am not exaggerating this as several of my volunteers have experienced some of their truly frightening behavior. It's really a shame too because they don't need to be that way.

I believe that the real conservative Republicans are the ones that have hope and are willing to take a chance on someone new because they are sick and tired of the same old cocktail club in Washington DC. Their excitement helps push me to continue fighting for liberty despite the rude, snitty-faced people who don't realize how much the hatred they are harboring is harming them.

My wish for Election Day is that every polling place has thousands of mirrors installed so that people can really see themselves for what they are as they come in to vote.

I would rather be smiling and full of hope.