What's Wrong with Pete Sessions


Pete Sessions claims to be a “fiscal conservative,” but receives poor-to mediocre scores from top taxpayer watchdog organizations, including:

-FreedomWorks – 58%
(2012), 62%(2013), 0% (2014)
-Heritage Action -- 71%
-National Taxpayers Union Lifetime - - 74.3%
-Club for Growth 2012 – 75%
Instead of standing with conservatives for real healthcare reform, Sessions repeatedly blocked efforts to even take a floor vote on defunding ObamaCare.
6   It was only after being challenged by Katrina Pierson in this current primary race that Sessions was willing to allow a vote on defunding ObamaCare. Before that, Sessions was telling constituents he “didn’t want to stop” ObamaCare.7  Challenged by constituents on his moves to prevent defunding of ObamaCare,Sessions responded, “I sure did,” and told them, “I’m the problem.”8
Against the clear wishes of his own constituents, Sessions voted in 2008 to spend Americans’ hardearned tax dollars to bail out Wall Street, after bankers’ risky, multi-leveraged schemes fell apart.9   Sessions and Kay Granger were the only two North Texas Republicans to support the giveaway. Later that year, bailed-out banks paid million-dollar bonuses to their executives.10
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Sessions recently voted for the 949-page, TRILLION-dollar “Food Stamp and Farm Bill”11  without even giving Congress or the American public the chance to read it. The bill created new subsidy programs, eliminated 80 percent of earlier savings in the food stamp program and gutted even modest work requirements present in earlier versions.12

Sessions also voted for the $1.1 TRILLION, 1,582-page Omnibus Spending Bill of 201413  —again, without giving the American public the chance to read it. The bill codified the Ryan-Murray budget deal and hiked federal government spending across the board.14

Sessions supports creating legalized status for illegal aliens, which is generally considered “amnesty,” though Sessions claims it doesn’t count as “amnesty” because—well, just because.15

Sessions voted for the New Year’s Day 2013 “fiscal cliff” deal that raised taxes on an estimated 77
percent of U.S. households--with even higher taxes on upper income Americans.16

In 2003, Sessions voted to pass “Part D,” at the time the largest federal entitlement expansion since the passage of Medicare. The bill added trillions of dollars to the long-term unfunded liabilities of the United States.17
Sessions no longer makes his home in the Dallas area—or even in the State of Texas—and hasn’t for years. Sessions and his wife Karen make their home in a $256,400 condo in Winter Park, Florida.18  This wealthy couple has been renting a $650/mo. rundown, efficiency apartment on Southwestern Boulevard in Dallas in order for Sessions to claim “residency” in Texas.19 
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Sessions has been bottling up a House Select Committee investigation on Benghazi for over a
year. HR36 would fully investigate how and why four American citizens were left to die at the
hands of terrorists in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012--but Sessions refuses to
allow a hearing or debate on the bill.

In 2013, Sessions voted against the Amash Amendment that would have reined in the NSA warrantless spying program on Americans. The amendment would have restricted the Obama Administration’s ability to conduct blanket data collection on Americans without a warrant---
but Sessions voted against the restriction.

Since entering office in 1997, Sessions has voted to raise the debt ceiling no fewer than eight times. When Sessions first took office in 1997, the national debt was just over 5 trillion dollars.22 Thanks in large part to Sessions’ votes for reckless spending and hikes in the debt limit, the national debt now stands at 17 trillion dollars—and growing.23 

In 2006, Sessions was named alongside John Murtha, Maxine Waters and William “Cold Cash” Jefferson as one of the ten most corrupt Members of Congress.24
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This is by no means an official document.  These facts are derived from research performed by voters in CD32.