A Disservice

I would be remiss if I did not point out what a great disservice the folks in Wylie are committing to those youth in need of assistance.

I have witnessed the following scenario over and over again on the internet. A comment is made about the recent murder in Wylie which was committed by Wylie East High School students on a fellow student, and the adults come unhinged. The first thing they do is try to normalize the event by saying, "This is a community problem; it's just a few bad kids." Or comments like, "Both schools have problems, this is not one school over another."

They are partly correct.  This is not about one school over another but they have immediately made it so by attempting to normalize the murderous actions of students that have taken place in the Wylie East High School district. 

Every school has problems?  Hello?  Not like this. Five students/recent dropouts from Wylie East took a hammer and beat a man to death. Two students shot another in the head and tossed his body out a second story window. Thud, crash, probably even some broken bones as the lifeless body dropped like a rock out the window. These students dragged the body to a sewer drain and attempted to stuff it down.  Two more Wylie East students suffocated another student, tossed the body in their car and dragged it through a wooded area trying to bury it.  No, nada, niet, they don't have this problem at Wylie High School  Nor do they have it at Allen High, Sachse High, Naaman Forest, Plano East, Plano High, Plano West, McKiney High, McKinney North, Frisco, shall I go on naming schools? This is NOT normal.

No, this problem does not exist in Wylie High so stop trying to make excuses for the students in Wylie East because you are doing a great disservice to those who attend that school.  A problem exists in Wylie East High School and the surrounding area and the sooner people stop the cheap pettiness and politically correct verbiage, the sooner we can discover what the problem is and fix it. Trying to placate those who live in the Wylie East district by equalizing them with Wylie High is doing nothing for them.

I have a theory on the matter which I confirmed by talking to some of our younger citizens in Wylie.  What I corroborated is that the area surrounding Wylie East consists of a heightened number of disadvantaged households.  There is also successful drug trade taking place along a route through the easternmost area.  Combine students who feel they have no future with drugs and your problem is compounded exponentially.

Sure, there are areas on the east side of town that are nice, but many homes have remained quite inexpensive with a lot of rentals and a whole lot of people taking advantage of the freebies in town.  Just look to Wylie is Hope and their backpack full of school supplies every year and that should be our first clue that there is a poverty problem in Wylie.

Next, take a look at the free immunization clinics and the ridiculously long lines and that should be your second clue. Finally, look at how many people the Wylie Christian Care Center reaches out to in Wylie and that should be your third and final clue.

Our community is altruistic enough and we pride ourselves on taking care of our own, but when the City Council has voted for years and years to approve low-income housing and cheap developments crammed together on postage-sized lots, they have sentenced the city and citizens to more of these types of problems. 

If you build it they will come and all these cheap homes built back in early 2000s brought more of the same. You cannot invite low-income elderly living and not expect low-income families to follow.  Even Habitat for Humanity has been kicking around, and this call for low-income housing has kept our home values artificially low. 

Under these circumstances, overall crime may be low and remain under control because the city is expanding the police department, but what crime is taking place is pretty heinous.  Nine youngsters have committed murder. This should not be happening. 

This is not happening with students in Wylie High School. Not even close. This is not an us vs. them scenario so stop making it such. This is not just a few bad seeds that need to be weeded out issue. This crap is not happening with alarming frequency anywhere else so stop trying to normalize it by looking for one-off examples across the country.  So to those adults who continue to make excuses about what has taken place here, and to those who try to normalize it by claiming problems are everywhere, I tell you to wise up.

There is clearly an issue that needs to be addressed and rather than making excuses, you should be putting your heads together and trying to figure this out.