Conservatives Unite

A lot of people are still flying high from Katrina Pierson's campaign and are ecstatic to be part of the grassroots effort.  I'm talking real grassroots, not this Land of Oz wizardry people like Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst pretend are grassroots. Jeezus, no candidate with millions of dollars in the bank has a clue what grassroots really is, so let's be clear about this.

Grassroots is how our forefathers intended it to be.  They did not intend for someone to sweep in and drop a cool million on TV ads and slick mailers posted to our mailbox daily.  Grassroots means the work gets done by volunteers, not hired hands.

KERA contacted Katrina's campaign and wanted to follow along with her campaign for the day. They wanted to join her block walkers.  No can do, these volunteers are bunches of people who have printed lists in hand and stashes of door hangers on their dining room table and walk the blocks when they have some spare time.  KERA wanted to cover her phone bank.  No such animal.  Katrina's phone bank consisted of volunteers all across the area taking lists and making calls from the privacy of their own homes, probably while wearing sweats and slippers.  So KERA finally tagged along to see one of her volunteers assembling campaign signs in his backyard. 

There was no administrative assistant to manipulate data for us.  I spent my evenings manipulating Excel spreadsheets and working up maps for my volunteers to walk.  I spent my lunch hour starting blog posts, putting up yard signs, or sending email updates to volunteers.  I worked up poll greeter lists with my morning coffee before climbing the stairs to work in my home office every day.  After work I spent my time doing social networking and blogging from the comfort of my cushy sofa with a glass of wine in hand. Yup, now that's grassroots.

People are still asking, "What can I do?" They know how important the race was in sending a message to Pete Sessions that we are watching his every move as well as his every vote and that he is a mere two years from being kicked to the curb.  People also know how instrumental his living arrangement debacle was in ensuring that Pete Sessions will never be made Speaker of the House, a seat he so coveted.

People understood the smear campaign Pete Sessions and his nasty campers were up to and did not allow it to sway them.  In fact, the more his smear campaign ramped up the greater the percentage of votes cast in Katrina Pierson's name.

The Sessions camp claimed that he won because people were made aware of his opponent's background yet the more they spread their mock-shock stories recycled from 17 years hence, the more her percentage of votes increased. Imagine that.

This from the campaign: "Despite Sessions' last-month media blitz, the poll results show that the race underwent an amazing 50-point shift from Late January to Election Day.  As of late January, the mail-in vote was coming in at 83% to 17% - a margin of 66%.  By Election Day, the race was 58% to 42% - a 16% gap.  In one month, your hard work closed the gap by 50 percentage points.  That is simply amazing."

All the while her vote increased, the whisper campaign was waged but clearly that tactic did not work. What worked was money, and yet another seat was purchased with a litany of robo-calls, expensive 4-color mailers, and even more expensive television me-mercials.

So what can people do? It is imperative that we do not forgive and forget and that we make a pinkie promise with ourselves to support conservative candidates all across the country. If we live in an area where we cannot make an impact then we should move our dollars to an area where we can make a difference. We must stay engaged at the same level, if not a heightened one, and help other campaigns but this time across the nation.

What readers should know by now about campaigns is that money talks.  We should have also learned by now that what those people up in DC do affects all of us whether they live in our district or not, so I would suggest you donate to those campaigns that desperately need help combating establishment Republicans. 

We must collectively show the door to the likes of flatulent-brained RINO Mitch McConnell, who has most recently been rinsing and repeating the mantra that the Tea Party is dead when in fact it is growing.  In response, why don't we show that gas bag just how dead we are and send some money to his opponent Matt Bevin in Kentucky.  If you liked Katrina Pierson you will like Matt Bevin.

I suggest sending support after we have taken care of our local races because it is important for conservatives to unite across the country.  If we do not pool our talent and financial resources and help get these clowns in conservative drag out of Washington DC, we will be forever plagued by the Republican scourge that is barely one step removed from a Democrat. Conservatives must unite because we can no longer stand for RINOs playing dress up who are running the RNC.

Tonight we held our final campaign meeting and I made a handshake promise with one of the volunteers that we will work together on blitzes and calls to action to get a unified message to DC.  Watch this blog for blitz calls because as a group, we can get our message heard if we work together. Everything is possible when conservatives unite.