Little Town That Could

I had been loosing hope in this little town called Wylie, Texas. I had even contemplated moving away. However something amazing happened over the last five months of my life spent working on the Katrina Pierson campaign.  Some of the most amazing people came out of the woodwork in Wylie and showed me what an awesome place this truly is. In fact, so many people came out to help with the Katrina Pierson campaign that it ultimately renewed my faith in this little town.

My dear Wylieites, do not despair.  Though Katrina lost her bid for Congress, we did something that is absolutely amazing here in this little town of Wylie and we should be proud, very proud.

We ran Katrina Pierson against a 17 year incumbent whose $2.1M dollars compared to our paltry $50K outspent us in slick mailers and robo-calls.  Pete Sessions had nearly 100% name recognition and we ran a little Garland girl against him, and from all the money he tossed and the smear campaign he levied, we made it hurt. We also prompted him to show his true colors.

Pete Sessions could have used the fact that Katrina Pierson has never held office and has absolutely no legislative experience to his benefit and might probably have had a landslide in his favor, yet what did he choose to focus on?  A smear campaign. Even with his name, power, and money, we reduced him to believing the only way to win this campaign was to assassinate his opponent's name.

Let us not forget that Sessions is the very powerful House Rules Chair in Washington DC, and we succeeded in showing him just who is boss in Collin County. We were successful in taking Collin County away from that man. Now that there's somethin'!

We came to the race late. PAC money came late. Endorsements came late, and despite all the odds stacked against us, more than a third of the voters in his district told him they do not want him anymore.  But what is even better is that half of the voters in Wylie showed this man they do not want him anymore.  That my friends, is ROCK STAR STATUS!

The little town of Wylie showed the big boys in politics that we mean business.  If they are going to ignore us, we are going take them town.  Now that is the Wylie way!

Be Proud Wylie, because we are shining stars tonight!

I want to thank the volunteers that stood with me in the freezing cold polls greeting people because we had to show people the light. I want to thank volunteers who walked the streets of this fine city to place door-hangers on doors. I want to thank the people who hosted meet and greets and also those who donated.  I would also like to thank those who came out to the polls because they know that our right to vote is precious and should not be taken lightly. Finally, I want to thank those city leaders, the mayor, and our council as well as those past members for taking time out of their schedules to do their civic duty. You people are amazing!