My Wylie City Council Endorsement

I had hoped to take some time off from politics for a while but the muse calls and I must answer.

In today's Wylie News, there are 4 candidates that have filed for the two open Wylie City Council seats. I'm going to go ahead and make my endorsements for place 5 now.

I will be supporting Candidate William Whitney.
I've known Mr. Whitney for some years now.  He is a solid conservative and will bring those values with him to the dais. Mr. Whitney has served the City for some time and is well aware of how City's work with his municipal network security background.

Let's face it, I've been in politics long enough to have a pretty good feel for candidates.  Here's why I made this selection.

No offense to teachers, but I  have met very few of them that were not liberals or seriously liberal leaning.  Though I'm certain that Ms. Powell would be a stellar role model and is highly intelligent, personally I've had enough of the "diversity" and "progressive" crowd as she used those words in her interview with the Wylie News. She wants to focus on the children and students in the community but the City Council has little if anything to do with WISD governance. If she wants to work for the students, she should run for school board trustee.  The fact that she identifies herself as both a lawyer and a teacher tells me everything I need to know.
As soon as Mr. Whitney gets his signs printed, I would sure like to have one in my yard.  In fact, please let me know if you would like to place a sign in your yard as well and I will get him the word.

So there you  have it: my official conservative endorsement.
With regard to the place 6 seat.  I will attempt to reach out to both candidates.  I have concerns about Mr. Gonzalez coming from the liberal Obama-style thuggery city of Chicago and I am concerned that Mr. Dahl's name showed up on the 2012 Democrat Primary Voter list and I would like to ask him about that.