Open Letter to Sheriff Joe Arpaio

My Open Letter to Sheriff Joe Arpaio: 

Dear Sheriff Arpaio,

Shame on you for changing your endorsement of Katrina Pierson without reaching out to her and asking for clarification on any issues. Sadly, you are choosing to hide from her campaign rather than answer questions.  It's no wonder you are supporting Pete Sessions, since hiding is his modus operandi. I am ashamed that a man I considered principled would hide in this manner.

I suspect you changed your mind because you appreciate that Pete Sessions has blocked the formation of a special investigative committee on Benghazi. I suspect you appreciate the raising of the debt ceiling that he voted for - twice. I suspect you were happy he voted for cloture which guaranteed the funding of Obamacare. I suspect you are on the side of big business bail-outs just like Sessions.

Had you enlightened yourself, you might have come cross my blog post highlighting the libelous and juvenile behavior of Pete Sessions' campaign manager Kim Locus, who I am sure reached out to you with her whisper campaign in order to change your mind.  I can also only imagine you are happy Part-time Pete divorced his wife of 27 years in order to marry the woman he was having an affair with for years, even taking this mistress to a Congressional meeting. Had you done your homework you would have found this information is easily verifiable. So too, I suspect you like the fact this man pretends to live in Dallas but in reality lives with his new wife in Florida.  He doesn't seem to be here to  hold town halls or even participate in debates with his opponent but I guess you are A-OK with that.  Get REAL!

Smart, Real Joe. Real Smart.

You just can't make this stuff up if you try.