Pete Sessions: Inside View of a Carpetbagger

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Move over John Wiley Price, there is a new master of douche-baggery in town.  Pete Sessions has taken over your esteemed place as the most scandalous Dallas politician ever.

One of the greatest scams ever levied against Dallasites has been the faux residence of Pete Sessions. He's here, he's not, he's there, he's here, no wait, he's not, who the hell knows? In fact, his campaign slogan should be 'Confounding Citizens Daily'.

Even at this late stage in the campaign game, Pete Sessions claims to live in Dallas through his campaign manager marionette Kim Locus.  This woman must be out of her ever-loving mind.

If it wasn't so ridiculous, one might almost share a hearty belly laugh at the outlandish and widespread perpetuation of this lie.

Even the local media is jumping in on Sessions' flagrant residence misrepresentation. Nary a word has been uttered by any of them. The Dallas Morning News has shied away from this story because they actually endorsed this man over someone who actually lives here. Can you imagine?

Despite the mainstream media's silence on the subject, a mound of evidence has been discovered. One of the easiest ways to search on Pete Sessions is a simple Google search.

It is not difficult to see that the search term 'where does pete sessions live' has been SEO'd to the very top of the list. Seems as though a lot of people would also like to know the answer.

Most important to keep in mind while undertaking this truth discovery endeavor is where his Congressional District 32 actually is.
In order to continue pretending that Pete Sessions has actually lived here for the last two years, he has perpetuated a massive rouse by renting an efficiency apartment that has no washer/dryer hookups or attached garage for the Range Rover.

Even the signed application he filled out to have his name placed on the ballot in CD32 shows this address.

This is quite surprising because to be brutally honesty, the place is a dump compared to his former house in Dallas which his ex-wife Juanita still lives in after the divorce, and even the fancy town-home his current wife Karen Diebel lives at in Florida. 

Despite this apartment being listed on all his Texas documents as his residence, neighbors have been hard-pressed to see him there.

To combat the empty apartment situation, Pete's campaign manager sent a blast email of nonsensical claims that Katrina Pierson is stalking him, and because of that he had to move. Yet the campaign has been contacted numerous times asking for some sort of proof that Pete Sessions still lives somewhere, anywhere in Dallas, but they have yet to provide any proof, rather saying somewhere on University Blvd in Highland Park.

Perhaps his campaign is unable to supply any concrete proof because he is actually spending his time outside of Washington DC with his current wife, Karen Diebel - at her home in Florida.
In an interview with the Texas Tribune, Pete Sessions was queried about his living situation and he claimed that he and his new wife were trying to figure this all out as they merge their families.  Yet, they have had two years to figure this out.

Part-time Pete and wife sightings are numerous so it is not exactly plausible to expect the citizens of CD32 to believe he lives apart from her. 
Though the numerous smiling photos are possible because Karen Diebel's home is in Winter Park Florida which could only mean that Pete Sessions has not been hanging out in CD32.

And Pete Sessions' alleged apartment is in Texas.

As a citizen of Congressional District 32, I am furious that this man thinks we are so stupid as to pimp this ridiculous apartment story to us.

The answer is crystal clear. Since an address search on Pete Sessions shows the Winter Park, Florida residence among his others, it is not a far stretch to believe that this dude is lying to us about where he actually spends his time while not in Washington DC.

I am tired of these career politicians and their lies; laughing all the way to the bank as they dupe their constituents.

In my opinion, it is time to send this carpetbagger packing.

One can only hope that everyone else in Congressional District 32 agrees.