Pete Sessions: The Jig is Up

You cannot disguise Washington DC filth no matter how hard you try.

I just love when Republicans whine like sissies about Republican in-fighting.  It reminds me of Pig-Pen in the Peanuts cartoons, with a cloud of filth floating about him.  These Republicans stand on their expounding plank and toss around indignation, and general huffiness like a six year  old girl crosses her arms and stomps out of the room when you make her pigtails too tight.

There are many rather amusing articles in the blogosphere about Pete Sessions stompy foot complaints. One particular Politico article from 2010 pretty much sums up all this mock righteousness. In it, Pete Sessions is lamenting about his then girlfriend Karen Diebel's campaign woes, even though the rat bastard was married to another woman at the time. He states, "I am distressed and concerned anytime we have Republicans attack one another,” Sessions told POLITICO Monday, warning GOP campaigns from leveling attacks that were not grounded in facts. “It makes me sick to my stomach.”

Pete Sessions was sickened over articles being written about his precocious mistress Karen Diebel and her bizarre collection of 911 calls to complain about political opponents putting snakes in her pool. Right. The woman lives in Florida. Hello? Even my parents have a snake that suns itself on the chaise lounge next to the pool and one that was hiding in the bushes near their front door.

Poor baby, Part-time Pete's tummy is sick.  Precious considering he mastered the same hate campaign against his Congressional District 32 Primary opponent Katrina Pierson. All one need do is flip back a few pages in my blog to witness how much his smear campaign knotted up Pete Sessions' tummy.

Meanwhile, as Sessions whispered about in the Washington DC cliques, Katrina Pierson missed out on PAC funds and support because the DC crowd is only interested in themselves. Take for example Senator Ted Cruz. The man refused to come out and endorse Katrina Pierson though he lavished her with praise at an even held early January. Yet he endorsed the incredibly wealthy Don Huffines? Can it be that Cruz has been enveloped by the DC beltway? Has the GOP establishment group shun put  him in his place so much that he simply couldn't go against them anymore? Or have  his sights been set on a larger seat and he couldn't stand the idea of sullying himself with a woman who was being smeared around DC? To say that I am disappointed in Ted Cruz is an understatement. I am absolutely furious. I am livid because we vote these people into office in order to rid ourselves of those who fell prey to the DC cocktail club, and we expect them to assist in getting other like-minded candidates in. Seems to me that Ted Cruz forgot that little tidbit. So did Pete Sessions whose synchronized swim routine in the mud has earned him a lot of scrutiny.

Upon this writing, I hope I am making one thing crystal clear about Pete Sessions.  Not only am I going to give this man the perpetual stink-eye, but I am going to ride that man's ass, so he may as well install straps on his back and a kickstand.  If he so much as attempts to stifle a fart in a cushiony sofa, you are going to hear about it. My beef with him is not just over his campaign tactics, but more importantly over his sneaky Washington DC habits.

On paper Pete Sessions looks all sorts of grand, but when you look a little deeper, you find he uses his powerful chair, previously as head of the National Republican Congressional Committee, and more recently as House Rules Chair, to bolster the Obama Administration's edicts. Once he has ensured passage or defeat as mandated by Obama and his wealthy bffs, he can then vote in a manner that makes him look as if he is doing the will of the people in CD32. Just take a look at his vote on cloture last year.

Sessions voted for cloture which ensured that funding Obamacare would need less votes to pass. Had cloture not passed, it was quite likely Obamacare would have been defunded.  Rather, Sessions lobbied others to vote yes for cloture along with him.  Once a smaller vote was needed to pass funding, he was then free to vote 'no' on the actual funding vote which in fact he did.  This nonsense gets hidden well with fancy words like cloture, continuing resolution, and government shutdown so nobody has a freaking clue what they are doing up there.

Pete Sessions has done everything in his power to support Obamacare. Oh and he claims his tactic is to make sure that Obamacare is such a dismal failure that it causes catastrophic pain to We the People. He believes, in all his infinite wisdom, that the result will be the quashing of Obamacare. Glad he thinks an I Dream of Jeannie blinkey eyes and head bob will get it done. Worse yet, glad he thinks so much of us as to buy into the 'make it hurt so bad you are bedridden' screwing we routinely get from Barack Obama. Some hero.

GOP Dummies in the Dallas County portion of CD32 only noticed his 'no' vote on funding which his campaign informs them of through poorly written, intellect-starved emails. Thus a huge percentage of his followers are placated into thinking he agrees with them.  Wow, great gig if you can get it.

Now that ole' Part-time Pete has won the Primary, suddenly the town hall and debate dodger Sessions is attending town halls again. Amazing what spending time on a kindergarten King of the Hill smear campaign will do for you.

This jig is up however, and over one third of the voters in his district came out to tell him we are watching him and we do not like what he is up to. I suspect that number will continue to grow as Pete Sessions continues to cloak himself in a billowing cloud of DC filth. Like the flying dirt, the plot will thicken because he simply cannot help his impetuous arrogance.