Pete Sessions Supports Amnesty - Shocking Video Proof

There's a new bad boy in town. His name is Pete Sessions and he arrived here from Florida after he was called out for only pretending to live in Congressional District 32 that he was elected from.

Two years after a divorce, he claims he and his new wife are unable to figure out their living conditions. Talk about your double-speak for living in Florida with his smoking-hot wife.  Oh, and speaking of smoking, that George Hamiltonesque sun-tanned face Sessions was sporting at the Reagan Day Dinner the other night needs a little more sunscreen on it. 

Funny, there hasn't been all that much sun here in wintery Texas recently to claim such a face. I've been standing outside at the polls in it for hours sans a drop of sun-screen and I have yet to get even a freckle. 

Still, Pete Sessions claims he lives here when he is not in Washington DC, and he has been showing up at these events in an attempt to make you believe that.

Pete Sessions also claims he doesn't support amnesty.  My but that is interesting considering the article published by Breitbart.

A MUST READ  if you are concerned about Amnesty and are furious with the idea of rewarding millions of people who are breaking the law in the United States:  Shocking Videos of Pete Sessions' Amnesty Support!

The article and videos are pretty telling as is Pete Sessions' sun-tan.  It is obvious that Pete Sessions will tell you anything you want to hear so long as it suits him.