Pitting Conservatives Against Gays - Taking a Different Tactic

Upon hearing of the decision to strike down the ban on same sex marriage in Texas, I want to share some of my thoughts on this.  I realize that a few of my views might be highly popular among conservatives and some, not so much.

I know conservatives around the country will nod in unison when I say that the federal, state, and local governments need to get the hell out of our business.  Yet we continue to bicker amongst ourselves forcing them to further stick their noses into our personal business merely because we cannot get along and our infighting takes our attention away from their abuse of power.

An example of this infighting which makes us take our eye off the ball is when Mr. and Mr. Gay want to get married.  My take is who cares? Do I really want to know about what any of my neighbors do in the privacy of their own homes?  Not really. So what two men do is between them and their God, just as sitting in judgement of what they do is between us and our God. Telling people they cannot do something is a recipe for childishness.

Anyone who has ever had a two year old understands that they are going to do what they want to do and if you tell them 'no' they will whine even more and to add insult to injury they will throw a tantrum right there in the middle of Macy's. My summation of what is going on with the gay community is pretty much the same sentiment.

The other night, on the rare occasion that I actually had time to watch the late news, they showed what they labeled as a 'crowd' of gays celebrating this new victory.  I actually laughed out loud.  The media's definition of a crowd was about as many people as I might have around my dinner table at Christmas. So remind me why anyone cares about any of this stuff?  A handful of people are doing their best to make it miserable for the rest of us and they do it because, like that middle school bully on the bus, they know it annoys the bejesus out of us.

Are we that insecure in our own marital and family relationships that we have to worry about two men or two women swapping rings? I know this makes me unpopular among the bible crowd, but in my opinion, the idea of restriction and exclusiveness is not really a conservative value either. So why are we sitting in judgement of this?  Life and death, now there is something we can really chew on. If we would put half as much energy into improving our own family values as we do in obsessing over others values, we might actually accomplish something in this realm.

Imagine a United States where the government leaves us alone. We could possibly become - horrors - happy people. And happy people don't protest everything, rather they move on about their own business. Since when did we let our government become the boss of everything?  Since we started to bicker amongst ourselves.

We have Mr. and Mr. Gay who wish to make Man and Woman Wedding Planners, LLC plan their wedding so they take it to court when they are told no. The court sides with them and they proceed to make people who hate them take their money in the most asinine move yet. 'I'll show you, I'll make you take my money'. Are these people really that stupid? Why would you make someone who hates your guts take your money?

Businesses should not be forced to do anything by a bully government. People have a way of taking care of these things all on their own.  If people don't like that a business will not serve gays, then they won't frequent it and the business will fail.  If gays are unable to locate businesses to serve them, as entrepreneurs, they will form their own business and begin making money hand over fist.

To force anyone to do something that is against their belief system is absolutely disgusting and harkens back to Communism.  I suggest that those gays who are cheering for this are hypocrites because they don't want to be forced to be straight any more than a business owner should be forced to do business with them.

Because of this, people are going to allow a handful of gays to make a collective drama queen scream that will be heard around the US only because we allow ourselves to bother with any of this.  In reality, if we would find it in ourselves to ignore them and stop the bickering they would quietly go do their own thing and leave everyone else alone. This harkens back to the two year old tantrum and school bully concepts and the need to receive reinforcement even it if is negative.

No church should be allowed to marry gays or a man and his iguana and the US Constitution is quite explicit in the separate of church and state and we must have faith in it.

I am not suggesting that allowing gay people do do what they want means we have a lawless society;  I am merely suggesting that we just leave each other alone and things have a way of working themselves out.

If you sit down with your teenager or young adult, you will find that this younger crowd has already figured this out. Interestingly enough, the bulk of my readership demographics belongs to the 18-36 crowd and this age group doesn't view the gay stuff the same way the older crowd does. These young folk only identify themselves as liberals because of this one sticking point.  The majority of them really do not care for the Socialist idea of working and turning over money to pay for someone who chooses not to work. They are all too familiar with that injustice when they are forced to work as a group for a grade.  How many times have you heard your student complain that there is at least one lazy person in the group that benefited unfairly from the effort the rest put forth?

This fight is not about who they can marry, it is about being oppressed by laws. In my opinion, conservatives have the focus all wrong here. We need to stop allowing our fighting to bring about new meddlesome laws. We need to nurture the conservative identification of the young adult set and help them to see how scant these deviant groups are in comparison to the masses. To do so we will have to accept the notion that all men are indeed created equal, and that includes gays. The less we spotlight gays and their outlandish behavior through our own shock, the less important they will be. Think about how spotlighting only reinforces bad behavior.

As a Tea Party conservative, I believe our message is not only about personal responsibility and all that stuff, but also is about accepting that humans are wholly insufficient in the eyes of God, and though they may make mistakes and grave errors in judgement, what matters is what they do with those mistakes.  If someone chooses to be gay but holds all the tenets of the Tea Party, how can I turn them away?

Because of this unspoken rule, we are able to accept all manner of insufficient people into the Tea Party.  This is the reason I was able to support a woman who shoplifted nearly two decades ago and in fact, I had an easier time accepting her past mistakes than I had for accepting Pete Sessions' mistakes because he has all too recently been running amok with the cocktail club in Washington DC.  Why I did not, and will not accept him as my representative is because of what he is out there doing right now: lying to us about his residence, hiding from us, behaving as if his very recent affair while married to Juanita was no big deal, and his over-inflated ego that routinely shows us he is going to do what he pleases whether we like it or not.  Again, refer back to that two year old having a temper tantrum.

Similar to the whole global warming debacle, I have discovered with age that everything is cyclical. For those worried that marriage between a man and a woman will fall by the wayside because we are becoming an increasingly self-centered and selfish society, I am convinced that children of divorce are attempting to be super careful about the future mate they choose. They know all too well that divorce really sucks, and divorce with kids involved  sucks even more. Just ask anyone who has been through it.

Though marriage is waning and single-parenthood is on the increase at the moment, I am convinced that trend will turn around as people get tired of being selfish and alone. Nothing screams 'make better choices' than being alone or worse yet, lonely.

Conservatives need to stop being afraid of everything.  We must believe that our way is the right way and that people will eventually come back when they see us thriving, for if we do not hold this faith in our Constitution, then we are doomed. 

With divorce rates currently as high as they are, I doubt 'marriage' will be as big a fad among the gays as it is currently. With all things shiny and new, when gays discover the financial and emotional consequences of divorce, and more particularly divorce with kids, I suspect they will move on from this obsessive fascination.

The more you try to put coverup on that zit, the more others will see it and longer focus on it.