Republican is a Dirty Word

I feel almost dirty saying I am a Republican when I vote in the Primaries. I feel as though our current Republican leaders have done such a disservice to the Grand Old Party with their rancid selection of leaders that they have sullied the label. Yet in lieu of a viable third party, I am left with no alternative.

The hard core GOP card carrying members continue to raise up one POS after another, each time hoping that somehow the outcome will be different.  It hasn't been different in over 14 years, leaving conservatives scratching our heads in wonderment of just what it is they don't get about that tactic.

Republicans seem to be good at propping up people that do not pass the smell test.

They propped up George W. Bush, and he was about as close to holding our ideals as say, Marco Rubio who misses the Tea Party Conservative mark, often. Yet in a pinch I suppose he could get the job done which about sums up the Dubbya as well.

Then the GOP selected John McCain to run against Barack Obama.  Were they serious? The man and his dangling arm was about as presidential as a locust. Independents and moderates could see right through his thin veneer and had no intention of voting for that. It was like tossing away a vote on Ross Perot back in the day. Instead, they went for the hope and change mantra.

In the last presidential election, the GOP extruded Mitt Romney through the funnel, for what I can only imagine was 'just cuz they could'.  In turn, he selected Paul Ryan as his VP running mate. Jeez, it doesn't get much worse than that. Two extremely awkward and out of touch men asking for our votes. They may as well have been toads because they were incapable of getting it done.

The GOP has pushed one piece of crap after another under our noses, hoping something, anything would no longer stink. And with each election I had to hold my nose in order to press the button because the selection of candidates was so repugnant, the stench left my eyes burning.

To be brutally honest, FOX News once the only network that seemed to cover the antics of an out of control GOP also inadvertently adds to the dung pile.  They continually follow CNNs and MSNBCs lead in reporting a Chris Christie 2016 bid. Are they freaking for real? Oh and don't get me started on that Karl Rove and his whiteboard they continually promote.  In my opinion, Rove is about as conservative as Ru Paul out of drag. Every year I blow out birthday candles wishing that some day someone would shove that whiteboard up Rove's nether region. Sideways.

We are never going to win back the Senate and presidency as long as the candidates the GOP promotes within the party are as morally reprehensible as the worst of the worst Democrats. Think Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, and Harry Reid and compare them to Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and Mitch McConnell. This list is definitely a tit for tat in the excrement department. At least with Democrats you know what you have; a bunch of loosey goosey nut-jobs being supported by a bunch of loosey goosey nut-jobs.

This phenomenon occurs on the local level as well.  Just look at how hard the Dallas County Republican Party fought against Katrina Pierson and her supporters with the posting of a personal nasty-gram after every social networking post about her. They were so hell bent on keeping a good old boy Pete Sessions in office, at any cost.  And it might just cost them dearly this go around as many people will be hard-pressed to push that button next to his name. I know I cannot. Imagine if he doesn't win over the Democrat. What ever will the DCRP do considering they worked so hard at their smear campaign to get Sessions elected. This behavior is precisely why Texas turned Purple several years ago.

Indeed the GOP is a veritable playground for misfits so long as you have enough money or connections to warrant belonging.  Like to grope the interns?  No problem the Dallas County Republican Party has your back. This happens all over the country and the garbage rises to the top.

Then the GOP wonders why our presidential candidates are completely unelectable.  It's because they put up one piece of crap after another and just as in the last election, so many conservatives could no longer bear holding their noses to vote that they stayed home in large enough numbers to hand the presidency to Obama, yet a second time.

Don't like the direction this country is headed?  You can blame the dirty Republicans who bitterly refuse to accept the assistance of the Tea Party to correct the situation.