Tea Party Fixing Damage GOP Has Done To Itself

Funny, the Dallas County Republican Party is hellbent on pushing their new agenda. They are spreading posts around the internet and socialsphere about how the Tea Party is waning and conservatives are harming their chances of reaching out to moderates. Well, that's what they keep trying to tell themselves anyway. The GOP is afraid, very afraid.

The Dallas County Republican Party posts things like this about Tea Party conservatives, and they claim they will no-vote those they don't like, but heaven help a Tea Partier who says they will not support a GOP candidate:

I cannot tell you how many people walked up to me at the polls and said they were voting straight Tea Party ticket.  Really?  As if.  Honestly, not in my wildest dreams did I believe such a thing existed, but if you allow yourself to consider the names on our ballots, it did just happen right here in Texas!

At no time in the past did conservatives have so many Tea Party backed candidates to choose from, and the bulk of them did quite well despite the GOPs insistence that they couldn't, wouldn't, shouldn't.

So the  GOP posts nonsense like this hoping people will believe the stale message:

And nonsense like this, hoping that if they repeat something 15 different ways they can make it stick:


And silliness like this, going after what has been the conservative poster boy, even posting in on local Tea Party Facebook pages:


In our precinct ballots we had a plethora of individuals to select from: Dwayne Stovall, Steve Stockman, Katrina Pierson, Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton, Glenn Hegar, David Watts, Sid Miller, Wayne Christian, Nathan Hecht, and the list goes on. In other areas there were Konni Burton, Don Huffines, Stefani Carter, Jared Patterson, Ann Lieber just to name a few.

So all these people in the area identify with the Tea Party then.  In fact, I felt like asking them where the hell they have been while I've been out here fighting the good fight practically on my own in our community. There are a handful of us who work tirelessly, but then again there are only a handful pretty much everywhere you look.   But we are SO effective at what we do.

However the GOP really wants you to believe that the old dogs have somehow learned new tricks and so they post things like this in an attempt to make hay where there is no sunshine, only cow patties:

Then there's these sort of posts because they really want you to think they are the hip, new, happening thing.  I believe they are attempting to reinvent themselves because they know they are losing traction among conservatives and what will be left?  A bunch of liberal-leaning moderates because the rest of us have taken our bit and run with it:


So I'm going to call this.  I'm going to say this is just how hip it is to identify with the Tea Party now. People just do it, they don't look for affirmation.  They don't have to chat about it with their friends. The people they work with don't have any idea. They just are.  Thankfully they just vote that way too despite two losses to incredibly wealthy establishment Republican out of so many Tea Party wins in Texas.

All this affirmation from the last election tells me people are sick of what the GOP has been pimping. 

In my opinion, the GOP has it all wrong.  They claim they are desperate to stop the damage Tea Party conservatives are doing to their party but in reality, Tea Party conservatives are attempting to stop the damage they are doing to their own party.

We got this GOP, sit down and don't hurt yourselves, we got this.