WHS Hairspray, the Gift Keeps Giving

I spent the last week preparing for the official Hairspray Cast Party. Normally a cast party is sponsored at someone's house and the students show up the last night of the play or musical to say their goodbye's to that show.

With Hairspray, nobody could host over 70 students in their house so they never really got closure.  Now I know Hairspray was over February 1st, but there were no decent weekends to host a cast party where a flurry of student activity would not take them away from such an event. However a group of parents got together and decided we needed to do this for them. With the help of our fantastic principal Mr. Virdie Montgomery, we selected March 29, 2014 and began our plans.

I just have to say we have an amazing bunch of parents in Wylie. Not only did we secure $985.00 in donations toward this event, but droves of parents brought food, drinks, ice, and we had handfuls of volunteers spend their precious time with setup, chaperoning, and cleanup.

We spent a good chunk of the funds on the DJ and I want to give a special shout out to Fire House DJ for their stunning performance Saturday night. They had laser lights, smoke, and a mix of songs so amazing that the students virtually did not leave the dance floor for nearly 4 hours straight!

Website: www.thefirehousedj.com  Email: info @ thefirehousedj.com  Phone: 214 - 681 - 5191

We spent another good chunk on commemorative tiles that had the cast and crew names on their own individual tiles.

We spent money on prizes, which were given away nearly every 1/2 hour, including a Nikon camera!

The balance was spent on decorations, and combined with parent-lent decorations, the party was beautifully primped!  We even had parents send in current and baby photos of the students and ran a slideshow further surprising the students as they saw their baby photos flash by!

This was no small fete! This became an amazing and magical event for the students to revel in their bigger than a bouffant success, and to see each other one last time before moving on, or so they thought, but I will get to that later in this blog post.

I am posting the photos and videos below so please scroll to the bottom to see just why -


Then there was the impromptu Hairspray Can't Stop the Beat performance which left the DJ in awe and wanting more so they played several songs and even more impromptu performances ensued.

 And the dancing fun!

When it was all over, one of the students said to me that he was both happy and sad.  Happy that it was all over and they could move on, but sad that Hairspray was finally over.  Except it isn't.

Sunday morning we woke to glorious news.  On the last night of Hairspray, the Dallas Summer Musicals had judges attend because Hairspray was entered into their annual high school musical contest.  Wylie High School Hairspray received the following nominations:

Best Musical!

Best Direction!

Best All-Student Orchestra!

Best Featured Performer by the amazingly talented Will Stephens!

Best Scenic Design!

We simply could not ask for a better group of students, teachers, administrators, and volunteers.

They are magnificent!

Watch for news here on how to view this event.