BLM Land Grab Smacks of Agenda 21

Conservatives far and wide are upset about the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land grab in the news lately. The rogue and, in my opinion, highly unconstitutional acts should come as no surprise to conservatives however. All we need do is remind ourselves of Agenda 21 to see the plan being put into action.

Agenda 21 sounds a bit ominous, kind of like Area 51 where otherworld theorists claim the US Government is storing preserved aliens and the wreckage of their spacecraft among other secrets.  But Agenda 21 is not exactly so ambiguous.  Agenda 21 is very real and the meetings are well documented. Probably one of the simplest places to get information on Agenda 21 is to Google it or check out Wikipedia.

The Agenda 21 goals in layman's terms are 'sustainability' or resource hoarding, economic and social equalization or wealth sterilization, and finally the plethora of means by which to brainwash the sheeple.

Essentially a group of lunatics from various countries got together under the name of United Nations and decided they would disassemble the United States measure by measure.  This is being accomplished so slowly and through such a massive infiltration, which would have taken even George Orwell by surprise, in the  hopes that Americans will have no clue what could possibly have changed. Oh and time is on their side as they pick their way into our brains and lives.

In your daily life, think hard about where you have heard the term LEED Certified.  Your City Council tosses it around as they 'make their plans' for your City. Even stores you shop at bought into it.  You can locate information on the web by rather 'official' sounding entities pretending to be linked to the US Government. Like who the hell is the US Green Building Council anyway?  Ah yes, another group among many of Marxist hacks who are shaping the very way in which you are allowed to live your life.

Next time you are shopping at Kohl's, listen for that LEED Certified message played throughout their store to remind you of just how kind and thoughtful they are for nurturing our world by recycling their hangers and using less energy. Does anyone even realize how energy abundant our own country is?  There is no proven need to conserve anything, including land, because every perceived shortage or crisis is conceived by man. 

The water knows how to cleanse itself, the trees continue to grow, the birds and the bees know how to pollinate, and the living world will go on breathing and evolving whether we are here or not. Evolution is God's plan, not ours.

Just look to Lake Lavon and the water shortage. We were forced to shut off the pipeline from Lake Texoma because of the Zebra Mussel, which is already proved to be in Lake Lavon now, rendering the attempt at frugality useless. Oh but your local governments have taken away your right to use your water which you pay for any way in which you please...and you will never get it back either. 

Once they take your land, you will never get that back either.  Agenda 21's goal is to infiltrate the very means by which you earn a living to assist with compliance.  Your roads are being taken over without your consent or even knowledge as they are turned one by one into toll roads.  Remember how the North Dallas Tollway was only supposed to be toll long enough to pay for it.  Well those days are long since past, and now you  have 121 added by the toll mongers because you proved you were very willing to dole out the cash on NTT.  Now more groups are looking to turn a free road, Hwy 78 into a toll road so they can move trucks from Greenville into Dallas.  Silly me, and I thought  that was what 30 does already with seemingly great success. 

Once you have to pay to go everywhere, they hope the pain in your pocketbook (coinciding with a crap economy designed by the liberals in office) that you will sign on to mass transit. Your ability to earn a living will be dependent upon the web of trains and buses.  But that won't matter because soon you'll be walking down your 52 story housing unit and across a park to get to work.

Agenda 21 is pushing hard to move the people off their land and into centralized, high-capacity housing units. They do this under the guise of inner-city 'revitalization'.  And they sucker you in by making it difficult to get to your place of employment. If I were you I would think long and hard about those boxy, inner-city housing units splattered all over Europe and the Eastern-block countries. But they are so nice! They have their little dog parks and botanicals and soon you will not be missing suburbia and manicuring your own piece of property.  You see, because you will not own any.

If these loons get their way, and they have already implemented their education plan in your schools through progressive curriculum like Common Core and CSCOPE, your children will think nothing of living like roaches on top of one another and your government will be 'managing' all of the land in the US on our behalf, because clearly we are wholly insufficient to do so ourselves.

One day you will wake up in your old age and remember how you used to make all your decisions on your own and have the freedom to own what you wanted through your hard work and perseverance in pursuit of the American Dream and that dream will have become a nightmare as you live in what was 1980s USSR.

This is why we, as Americans, must stand up to our Federal Government and not allow them to take land grazed by the Bundy family cattle since the 1800s as they manufacture nonsensical protection orders of the dessert tortoise as an excuse. We must not allow them to take land from farmers along the Red River claiming it was always federal land through some legal magic trick.  We must not allow them to steal our land away from us as they brainwash us into thinking that living in the inner-city is preferable to owning a piece of land that people fought hard for and even died for during the land rushes.

Then again, if you want to sit around your inner-city park singing Kumbaya as you wear sustainable bamboo clothing and share soybean pudding with those gathered to protect the gray-bellied slug, have at it.