Bureau of Land Mongers

This is me on my little slice of heaven.

It is one of our properties and is on this sprawling, serene, mountain-top in Oklahoma.  This particular property sits perilously close to one of the BLM red areas designated on this map. In fact, so does my house in Wylie, Texas.

What is to stop this BLM land map below from growing? You may view this image and zoom in for a better view here.

One should be amazed at just how much federal land already exists, and why is it the feds are looking toward growing this map by confiscating some areas in white that are privately owned?

Shouldn't all of this land be owned by the states anyway? After all, it is the states which gave birth of the federal government, not the other way around as our too big for their britches feds would like you to think.

The BLM is already looking at the 20,000 acres around Lake Lavon, currently held by the Corps of Army Engineers. Once taken over what is to stop them from their ambiguous 'plan' to expand that 20,000 acres to say 40,000 acres?

On April 21, 2014, the BLM was successful in having an item placed on the Collin County Commissioner's Court agenda General Discussion Item 8.

It was tabled for further investigation and now appears on the agenda, General Discussion Item 6  for April 28, 2014 in just a few short days.

Would I were you, I would be nervous about this bully BLM puttering around in Texas and flexing their muscles in some sort of show of bravado. The BLM states clearly that the land they are eyeing is in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, all very conservative states.  Is their mission not only one of carrying out the edict of Agenda 21 to create massive 'conservation' areas and push people into centralized controlled urban areas, but also to brutalize the heartland of conservatism by stripping people of not only their land but also their rights? From the Cliven Bundy Ranch proceedings in Nevada their motive is definitely questionable.

If you can attend that meeting in a show of force, it would be very useful to show the BLM our disapproval of their recent behavior.  The meeting is:

Monday, 4/28/14 at 1:30 pm
Commissioners Courtroom on the 4th Floor
Jack Hatchel Collin County Administration Bldg.
2300 Bloomdale Rd
McKinney, TX 75071

This issue will probably continue as the BLM is fairly persuaded at the moment so you can watch the Collin County Commissioner's Court Calendar for future meetings.

In fact, I would venture to guess the other Texas lakes on the map marked in red are also on the hit list, however the BLM conveniently strikes the most conservative county in Texas. Ask yourself why.

This land grab is all sorts of disturbing.  Not only because of the BLMs insistence that the Cliven Bundy Family is illegally feeding cattle on federal land, though the Bundy family has been grazing cattle there eons before the BLM was even conceived, but because the BLM is kicking around here in God's country.

I asked earlier what is to stop the federal government from expanding the map into a sea of red.  Nothing at all if they get their way with a 90,000 acre piece of private land along the Red River. Right here in our backyard the BLM is looking to confiscate 90,000 acres to which a privately held deed exists, all because of a little ambiguous grey area in their official BLM master plan book taken directly from Agenda 21.

This week Breitbart Texas published one of the best articles on the subject Texas land.

The article states "According to a BLM document provided to Breitbart Texas courtesy Rep. Thornberry’s staff, the BLM is going through a scoping period where they are gathering facts on land whose ownership they believe to be in question in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. The BLM is in the process of developing a Resource Management Plan. The plan will cover a total of 411,585 square miles, or 263 million acres of land. The BLM describes its “decision area as about 104,000 acres of BLM administered surface lands, 593,000 acres of split-estate land (private land with federal mineral interests) and 5,270,000 acres of federal mineral interests on land managed by other federal agencies."

Make no mistake, the feds will brutalize land owners with ambiguous definitions of what they decide is mineral rich, or what they decide is in dispute when it is politically convenient to them. And they will do it by manufacturing disputes, and defining any piece of land of their choosing to fall under one of those broad categories outlined in the Breitbart article as thusly theirs.   The reality of the official BLM Resource Management Plan is to hoard US land.

If you still find this whole BLM land grab stymieing, this video Border Battle helps explain just why this particular 90,000 acres in Texas is problematic and how the BLM is using the rather loose definition of 'disputed land' to their benefit.

In the case of this Red River property, the confounding definition involving water erosion, which does not appear to be causing any real contention between the TX or OK land owners, is reason enough for them to just confiscate it as their bizarre 'solution' to a perceived problem.

Private land is up for grabs folks and if the government feels your land is close enough to land they hold mineral rights to or deemed in dispute, they can just snap their fingers and take it and leave owners paralyzed with lawsuits as they attempt to keep what is rightfully theirs.

What begs to be asked about the Bundy Ranch issue in Nevada: is this what we have to look forward to here in Texas? Should we expect  thousands of Armed Militia to form and protect citizen rights? Should we expect government-paid snipers to aim their rifles at us and set up 'free speech' zones just as they did in NV? Is this the US or is it North Korea?

Who would have thunk we would have areas set up on American soil just outside the Bundy Ranch where we find ourselves without the US Constitution.  And one might think the Bundy's would have been grandfathered in since they have worked that land well over 100 years, but not so according to those BLM bullies who set up a free speech area of their choosing! Are you angry yet?

Photo credit: http://www.independentsentinel.com/
Since when are our First Amendment rights selectively enforced? The cordoning off of land where anyone who steps foot upon it will be put in a federal prison is truly an undeclared state of Martial Law.  This is unconstitutional and Americans must not let this stand.

So should we expect the same situation in Texas that took place in NV should BLM force the Red River issue?  I think so, as long as the masses remain passive on the issue.

Folks, we are truly headed to a worst case scenario if we do nothing. This Agenda 21 land grab is being spread through simultaneous use of various entities.  As in the case of the Bundy Ranch, liberal enviro-nutjobs fabricate stories that some sort desert tortoise must be protected while using the BLM as their henchmen.  As in the case of the Red River the BLM are using a perceived dispute.

WE MUST STAND TOGETHER: Please show up at the Commissioner's court meeting if you can.  Massive numbers help dissuade the BLM as we have seen in NV. Show up in force at the Red River property when called to do so.  We must not allow the BLM to outnumber citizen population EVER so it is imperative the people rally together in Texas just as they did at the Cliven Bundy Ranch. This is OUR country.