Dark Side of McKinney

The Mckinney Watchdog group has posted some more material on their Chief of Police Joe Williams.

Joe's history takes him to Frisco, Celina, and then to McKinney where his pal Jason Grey hired him under some sort of mysterious don't ask/don't tell deal.  And evidently Grey stuck to that because had he reached out to his previous PD employers, he would have discovered that Sgt. Joe seemed to have a little difficulty performing his job:

Additionally, any background check on Sgt. Joe might have also indicated that he has a little difficulty discerning fantasy with reality:

Ruh Roh!

Then there's this which leaves one scratching their heads as policy is pushed aside by PoPo Joe:

Clearly there will be more to come and Mckinney Watchdog has been notified by one of the local stations that a report will be made during May sweeps.