McKinney Gets Some Hazing Whacks

No community leader wants citizens dogging their community.  There are a litany of cursory excuses as to why our leaders don't want scrutiny.  A few examples are that the community is being given a black eye, the naysayer is giving the community a bad reputation, we shouldn't air our dirty laundry, and my favorite excuse that everyone has skeletons in their closet so we shouldn't cast the first stone and all that rubbish.

If you allow yourself to reflect upon these excuses you will realize they were designed to keep good Christians under control by tossing their own biblical scripture back at them. They do not allow for any scrutiny or transparency as if We the People are supposed to accept our hazing without question. Like the Omega initiation in Animal House, we are expected to say, "Thank you, sir! May I have another!" as we are whacked repeatedly.

What I find interesting about writing this blog is that people really dig this stuff. They secretly enjoy the public shaming because it is just so fun to watch someone else getting the slapping for a change. However I have loftier goals for these posts. For conservative values to be carried up the ladder we must clean the bottom rungs and that means holding all leaders accountable, even in the small and mid-sized communities. It is imperative we educate people on why conservative values should be preferred.

I have readership across the nation so it has always tickled me to see how people who don't live here, and are not affected by what goes on here want to know more about our politics and way of life.  To be honest, I believe it is because what goes on in Texas is setting the tone for what will go on in other communities across the nation. How we handle our community leaders and politicians is truly setting standards to live by, even those values coming from my little community of Wylie, Texas.

Now I am all about not casting the first stone under certain circumstances, however when we are dealing with millions of dollars in budgets and leaders who hold the propensity for corruption, it is fair game to ask questions and point out those skeletons in the closet which might make a figurehead unsuitable for positions of leadership.

We all hear about large-scale corruption in the big cities because it is routinely highlighted by the news.  But it is important not to forget that the medium-sized cities are not immune to the same sort of corruption.  And of course let us not forget what takes place in the smaller, handshake gets 'er done communities as well.  All communities have their issues. 

I've been watching a Watchdog PAC out of McKinney, Texas that is registered with the Texas Ethics Commission and was founded according to their Facebook page to, "eradicate corruption, educate voters, and fight for transparency in government." I have got to give these people some Texas-sized props because they have done what should be done in every community across this country.  They are investigating the cronyism and corruption in our communities which ultimately promotes total nincompoops into higher and higher levels of incompetency. Sadly these corrupt leaders are moved up mystically and magically behind a cloud of smoke and mirrors and all on the taxpayer dime.   

Below are a few excerpts about the McKinney Chief of Police Joe Williams from their Facebook page:

Also that same year is this:

Ok, ok, so in 1997 he screwed up.  People make mistakes and that was 15 years ago.  However he would have been well into his 30s by then and was certainly old enough to know better.

Though I get the resignation from SWAT bit had the nonsense ended with the first infraction, but by the second infraction I cannot understand the light punishment of essentially a 3 day vacation without pay.  He should have been gone.

But it does not end there.  This perfectly grown man doesn't show up for his assignment in 1999 to work security for North Dallas Bank and is reprimanded and given counseling.

Then there is this little issue of his bankruptcy.

This excerpt from McKinney Watchdog does not state when this bankruptcy occurred but it is yet another example of irresponsibility on the part of a man who has been promoted in a couple different communities through a nonexistent gauntlet to Chief of Police! 

The excerpts continue to come as McKinney Watchdog has received 348 pages of well-documented issues and I will continue to report them here as they are published so stay tuned.