Nobody To Blame But Ourselves

I arrived at my office this morning, in sweats and with coffee in hand after that ridiculously long journey up the stairs and through the game room.  Tough I know. Sadly I arrived to find there was yet another brutal school attack.  This attack was with a knife-wielding high school student and I cannot help but notice the lack of CNN new alerts in my inbox as compared to past school attacks with guns.  Evidently CNN does not find knife attacks to be quite as titillating as those committed with a gun.

What a sad statement on American society. What seems important is only what is portrayed by the mainstream media litmus test. To back that statement up, I made a quick check of Facebook and nary a mention of prayers or coverage as is normal and cursory when there is a school shooting.

Oh, it was a knife.  No biggie; it was not a GUN.  HORRORS!  Oh contraire because what I find personally horrifying is the underlying theme of teen on teen violence from our youngsters. It is not about guns or knives, or violent television and movies or even video games. It is about the decay of the American nuclear family and its values.

A quick survey of where we came from and where we are headed should tell you everything you need to know. Where once the majority ruled when a man and woman married and then had children. So it was written and that was considered the norm.  Sure, some loose women got preggers but it was not exactly happening in large percentages or by choice, unless they were attempting to force the man into marriage. Then came the prevalence of divorce, and the realignment of the nuclear family followed as there became an abundance of step-something or others.  Soon spouses, usually the women, were left to raise children alone as the co-inseminator decided it was more important to live with their id or the young 20-something than reality.

Now I agree that some people should honestly not be married.  Some marriages are toxic to the family unit, but the divorce craze since the 80s is absolutely dizzying.  Have we really become that bad at judging the character of a potential spousal unit?  You know, there is something to be said for those old Jewish Matchmakers and valuing the idea of growing in love rather than fulfillment of lust in the here and now and, gee let’s hope this marriage thingy works out and we don’t screw up the kids.

Next came the feminazi crowd that believed with all their might that raising children on their own terms with or without a man in their life was perfectly acceptable for the child. Soon following were gay couples who wanted a piece of the family pie as it was sliced and diced up. What this brought is a society that is so anti-nuclear family, anti- original American dream that they redefined those terms into something altogether unrecognizable.  And not in a good way either when we consider what has happened to the American family when a student can go shoot up elementary students, or knife classmates, or even drag their fellow classmate’s dead body through the woods searching for a suitable dumping ground.

Perhaps my thoughts are a tad Pollyannaish but I have to admit, when I survey the wreckage of the American nuclear family, I come back to the idea that the family unit has been so bastardized and splintered into something totally unrecognizable that we are just plain fucking up our kids.  Excuse my French.

Make no mistake, this war on family values coincides directly with the war on Christianity. The few, the proud, the amoral are doing their best to remove societal mores so they can expand their elicit playground without fear of guilt, retribution, or shame. Think back when you were young: did you go try to smoke that first cigarette alone or did you try to do it with someone else so you would not be alone in your young mind's moral turpitude?  It is always easier if we summon help when we want to move that mountain, as well as move the moral compass.

A pervasive threat exists against family values. It is a disease which is disintegrating the morals of not only our immediate families but also society as a whole.  Imagine it as one of those ice skating extravaganzas where one girl starts spinning in the middle and soon collects more girls on either side as the leotard bedazzled ladies fight hard to join in or even keep up. Exciting. Well, that is until you puke from spinning in a circle.

Sadly most people feel their comfy family of three, four, or more is immune to this, but they do not see that their kids are being indoctrinated into this new way of life every time their eyelids flutter open.  They are smacked with it by television, radio, friends, school curriculum, and a society coming at them as fast as fluffy snowflakes rush toward the window of a speeding car. It’s all so mesmerizing that it is difficult to accept that your own way of life should be just as acceptable as that way of life society is telling you should be integrated so as not to harm the minority.  What happens every time a child is told that we must be accepting of gay marriage or single pregnant teenage girls is another hit in the gut of morals and values.

In fact, morals and values have taken it on the chin to the point that our students are almost made to believe that these alternative lifestyles are more important than their own, and thus their own lifestyles are being replaced with a new norm. This is truly distasteful.

Something should be said for keeping it to yourself. Don’t ask, don’t tell was a perfect plan. However the more someone walks on the edge, the more they want others complicit and the less they can keep it to themselves. We are a, "Me, me, look at me!" society. 

Thus a minority is wagging the dog by the tail as they rule this country because the majority are afraid to stand up for what were supposed to be their own values.  It's just easier to integrate others values as our own rather than fight them. And soon we have teenagers shooting each other and what are supposed to be rational adults scurrying around blaming television, movies, video games, and guns.  These are merely excuses when the blame really lies on our own inability to fight for those old American family values.  

In reality, we have nobody to blame but ourselves.