Pig-Pen Workouts

Why is it that the manufacturers of athletic wear make the clothes in such hideous neon colors? I wonder if it is actually for my safety or for those on the street. Shield your eyes, here she comes!
Oh sure the pants, capris, and shorts are black and grey with the occasional blue slipping in, but the tops? Unless you select a dirge-worthy black top in order to be inconspicuous at the local rec center, your selection is neon orange, shocking pink, or above-ground pool turquoise. I’m sorry but nobody looks good in hunter’s neon orange. Nobody.
Seriously, people can see you coming for two miles down 1378! Dear God, there is that Engstrom woman again, look away!
Just when you want to disappear into the scenery while you are sweating and stinking up your workout gear, your selection consists of Starburst colored shirts. Are we really supposed to look tasty? As if.
I guess I am in the wrong business. I should have taken up women’s athletic gear design because I would use reflective tape for safety rather than shocking neon colors. Imagine cute black capri sweats with a soft peony pink top and matching gauzy, swingy, quick-dry sweater? You would look so cute that nobody would notice you were sweating worse than a hairy 350lb man with your personal swirling cloud of Peanuts Pig-Penish B.O.