The Bullied Now Bully

Here's a relatively new name for you: Brendan Eich.

If you don't know of him you probably need to because his story should chill you to the bone and scare the intestinal detrital right out of you.

Mr. Eich is in the news recently because, as the C.E.O. of Mozilla (Firefox), he was forced to step down on Thursday due to his  personal views on gay marriage. Despite the company nor Mr. Eich personally ever discriminating against anyone in the LGBT community, his company was boycotted by dating site OKCupid and they successfully got him removed from his job. This news my friends is exceedingly troublesome.

What is frightening about this scenario is that not only is Mr. Eich's First Amendment rights under attack so are ours no matter what our beliefs are. 

Normalcy is under attack. If you believe in one man and one woman marriage according to biblical scripture, you simply must loose your job over it. If you are an average, run of the mill man and woman who are married and share responsibilities and decision making 50/50, you are the humdrum of the nation.

What's new and exciting is what was once considered abnormal. This all encompassing inclusivity of the 'everything goes' mentality has crept into every facet of life, whether it makes sense or not.

An example of one that doesn't make any sense at all is how University of Michigan boasts a tax-payer funded art display on campus that states Abortion is Gift from God. Good to know UofM paid $1000 to the pro-choice artist, clearly lauding the murder of unborn babies as scripturely heaven-sent.  Can we just say super twisted?

Even the University of South Carolina Upstate is sponsoring a class on How to Become a Lesbian in 10 Days or Less. They want attendees to chant, "I'm a big 'ole dyke!" Oh and good luck if you disagree with this behavior and complain. From what we just witnessed, the newly crowned Gaystapo will bully you, force you to lose your job, and maybe even terrorize you online, raping you in the most public way.

Those who were once bullied are now the aggressors and I am left wondering what ever happened to that buzz word - diversity? I suppose it is no longer allowed if you disagree with someone or even their way of life.

There seems to be a disturbing trend. Recently a campus reporter, who works for a conservative news outlet, was bullied at a feminist conference on inclusivity. You heard right, women who were hailing inclusivity as primo Godspeak bullied a woman for her views. Oh brother, now everything makes sense.

Wait, but there's more! Shutting down certain views seems to be the new norm. Even worse than all this gay vs. anti-gay bashing is how UofM pulled the plug on a film depicting the abuse that takes place in Muslim marriages. The University of Michigan recently shut down a movie depicting violence against women in the Muslim world. If you are anti-Sharia Law you may as well kiss UofM goodbye because they don't seem to care as they kowtow to Michigan's rather large Muslim population and their own large Muslim studenthood.  A blind eye is turned to abuse, a real blight in society, and a group of Muslim women's voices were silenced. Shall we watch for notices of the public stonings next?

So let me get this straight, UofM believes it is Islamophobic to dislike how Muslim women are beat up, raped, have their genitals mutilated, and abused according to Sharia Law doctrine? Oh, then I guess UofM believes women should be beat, raped, and abused.  An over-exaggeration of course but it shows the prevailing attitude complicit in these 'inclusivity' woes.

What started the attack on Mr. Eich was the fact that the names of all 35K donors to Prop 8 were released and the Gaystapo selected one they could easily obtain influence over. This has prompted groups to jump on the bandwagon hoping to oust each and every one of those 35K donors. Just how much hatred and anti-inclusivity can a group of people who begged for inclusivity be? The bullied now bully and it is incredibly disturbing to watch people crawl down this path like filthy rats. We can thank the likes of the LA LA Land LATimes for publishing a searchable database of those who opposed same-sex marriage.  Be afraid, very afraid because what you thought were your private thoughts and opinions are now under attack and no longer private. 

I suspect that what is coming next by the lynch mob is they will target every person who has ever given money to or supported a candidate that is pro-traditional marriage. In fact, a sizeable population of US citizens should be shaking in their boots about now. This means that anyone who wants to come after your job can and will and you will have no recourse.  And precedence has been set as the Gaystopo successfully had Mr. Eich removed from his livelihood. Yours is next.

Personally I don't care one way or another about gay marriage and I don't really care if my friends, pastor, or the CEO of some large corporation is against it or for it.  Who the hell cares? I just want the hatred from both sides to stop.

What I do know is that in trying to make the world inclusive and diverse, the fringe nutwads are doing their best to homogenize everyone to think only the same way they do which if successful, is neither inclusive nor diverse.