What the Flock is Going On?

We've been flocked!

The Wylie High School PTSA fundraising team strikes again.

The maroon and black flamingo flock was placed on Friday evening while the hubs was on his way home from work, my senior was out with his girlfriend, and  my college-aged son and I were shopping for groceries.  The flock has still has not migrated from the feeding ground that is my front lawn yet. Thankfully we had the lawn sprayed by GroGreen and actually mowed because I would have been awfully embarrassed to have a couple PTSA volunteers see just how ghetto my lawn has become over the past couple years. I dislike pouring chemicals into the lawn because the nitrogen and phosphorous make their way into Lake Lavon and are part of the annual algae bloom and fish kill problem.

Seriously though, the 70s style lawn flamingos, a garden gnome, and a lawn jockey or two would have been a vast improvement but we decided to start caring about the house again this spring when the spousal unit announced that he thinks we will stay in this house for several more years. Damn, and I was thinking about signing up with the mayor, a realtor, to come sell our house.  I figured if I caused him so much grief and aggravation all these years it was the very least I could do. I had been hoping we could move once we got the youngest graduated and we could get away with  not replacing the fence or the roof.  In fact, with the hubs' revelation suddenly I am faced with a $500 plumber bill as we fix some things around the house that we have been ignoring. To my horror, he announced an electrician is next. Nice.

However back to the flocking. This is just another thing that Wylie does right. How fun to open your front door and find someone thought enough about  you that you should be included in the fun of an epic annual fundraiser.

How this works is now I must fork over $20 and a  name and address of the next unsuspecting recipient in order to have the flock migrate somewhere else.  Oh, and if I don't want them to come back I need to pay an additional $10 in flock insurance.

One year one of the Wylie ISD Trustees paid the insurance in hopes the flock would not make it to her front lawn but notification of the insurance payment had not made it yet to the flock and they ended up in her yard a handful of hours later.

Suffice to say I did not pay the insurance because frankly I don't care if they do come back.  It is all in good fun and in the end, funds the PTSA raise from this annual event go toward an end of the year banquet they host for the graduating seniors.

It is Sunday morning and the flock has not left yet and as a protective momma, if they don't leave before the severe storms we expect later today I will be pulling all of it up and storing it in my garage so they don't get damaged. 

After contemplating a few houses the flock could migrate to, including our fine mayor, the superintendent, and even my bff, I decided it was best to leave that decision up to my graduating senior. Lets just say that if you were involved in Hairspray, you are no longer safe.