Zebra Mussel Won - Citizens Zero

So the big Pipeline from Texoma to Lake Lavon is finally operational. But do you think we'll get to turn our spigots back on?

The news from NTMWD is that it will be strangulating restrictions and regulations as usual, though it is amazing that prior to the zebra mussel debacle we had no real water restrictions.

Texas has always been in one form of drought condition or another through the years but with the media controlling every aspect of our lives currently, it is no wonder that an agenda can be pushed harder than usual. I recall Lake Lavon nearly going away in the mid 2000s but it came back and then some.  Well that was all in the past when Lake Texoma water was flowing freely.

Given that Lavon is artificially low because of the restricted Texoma flow for years coupled with the drought, is it any wonder that we have the Bureau of Land Management kicking around Lake Lavon, looking to confiscate land?

One of the many steps of Agenda 21 is control of natural resources. Had Texoma not been 'turned off' we would not have as harsh of lake levels as we currently have and it is doubtful we would have the BLM nosing around as they are now. Nothing like capitalizing on a misfortune.

It has only been since they shut off the supply from Lake Texoma that NTMWD insists we need conservation in Texas, but not prior to that event.  Well duh.

Once the government takes something away, good luck getting it back, so don't even pretend that you will ever be allowed to use the water you are paying for in whatever manner you see fit.

Meanwhile Lake Lavon will indeed fill after looking at the size of that pipeline, that is unless NTMWD is regulating the flow of water to keep Lavon artificially low while forecasters continue to report on drought conditions. So what happens when the drought ends? Seems what happens in Lake Texoma stays in Lake Texoma and I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for unrestricted water use any time soon.

The state law has not stopped the spread of zebra mussels either, so all this money to the tune of over $300 million was spent to filter out the larvae as well as "take the salt out" of Lake Texoma which was already flowing into Lake Lavon prior to 2012.  Why the water was good enough to drink back then and now suddenly has too much salt is a mystery nobody is likely to solve. Oh yes, there is that expensive pipeline and increasing water bills to help pay for it all.

True to form when it comes to government overreach, citizens lose...

That Pesky Teske

Drama Queen City of Lavon Mayor Chuck Teske is at it again. On CBS 11 News at 10 tonight, I was highly entertained by a feature on the City of Lavon. It would appear that pesky Mayor Teske called in the news station to report that Lavon Water put locks on all of their fire hydrants throughout the City of Lavon. Get outta here. No seriously.

Lavon water said they put the locks on their hydrants to stop water theft. In these drought conditions and monumental water restrictions, it is not difficult to imagine someone coming along and stealing water.

If the City of Lavon has a problem with water theft, why then aren't they working hand in hand with Lavon Water to catch the thief?  Rather, Mayor Teske calls Channel 11 to bellyache about having to pull out lock cutters in order to access the fire hydrants.  It just begs to be asked here: why exactly is there yet another controversy in Lavon?

As far back as last October, Chuck Teske was complaining about Lavon Water. He had a personal beef with them over his own property. I know, because he complained to me about it. Obviously it does not take a rocket scientist to see why the City of Lavon is not working with Lavon Water to find the water thief.

Wouldn't you think the City of Lavon had more important things to worry about than pointing fingers at Lavon Water over protecting their assets? Hows about the mass exodus of employees since last July?

It began when their Treasurer left. Then the Volunteer Community Center Manager resigned and all the volunteers walked out with her. Soon the replacement Treasurer left and was followed closely by the Director of Public Works, and the Public Works Clerk. Finally a Public Works employee left. All these departures are shrouded in a cloud of smoke and mirrors as the Lavon City Council, in cahoots with Mayor Teske, did their best to quash the flurry of complaints levied against both City Secretary Chris Wess and also Mayor Chuck Teske.

Seems to me that Channel 11 would be better served investigating exactly what is going on at the City of Lavon and why it is they seem incapable of getting along with just about everyone.

For All Vets

Below is a guest post by a friend of mine, Frank Dirnbauer. He writes a very poignant piece:

I'm landing in Saigon (Tan Son Nhat airport) on Huey helicopter with two gunners for protection. On the way back to states after short TDY assignment at U.S. Army Headquarters in Long Bihn, Vietnam...20 miles from Saigon. This road was closed at night because of Viet Cong activity. My boots hit ground April 2008 several months after the Tet Offensive (Jan 2008). My second week there we were shelled with nearby mortar rounds. Long Bihn was one of the military locations under attack during the Tet. The communists threw 80,000 men into that surprise attack across South Vietnam. Did you know that our military beat back that attack and won the battle. How do I know? I was there a few months afterwards and learned the "Truth." Our military did what was asked of them to do and they did it.

One of my biggest fears in Vietnam was my initial trip by jeep through Saigon to Long Bign.  We were warned about kids who would dart in, passing by open U.S. military jeeps, to throw in a hand grenade. Just as quickly they would dart away and disappear into the crowd.

The uniform I'm holding I wore all the way back to the states. First landed in Hawaii where there where wild cheers by all the military aboard the civilian aircraft returning home from their tour of duty. A few days before some of these men were in the bush in fire fights. I said my goodbyes and later landed at the Indianapolis airport where ONLY my wife greeted me. No big deal that was just the way it was back then. (At least no one spitted on me.) I volunteered via R.O.T.C. and served my country proudly...no personal regrets. I am grateful to the U.S. Army for teaching me leadership skills that I have used all my adult life.

Years later I hug my head in shame over the way my country left Vietnam.
Thousands of friendly South Vietnamese depended on us and trusted us for their protection. These included men and women that worked in Long Bihn where I visited. I'm a member of the American Legion. At one of our conventions I spoke with a vet who was a helicopter pilot. His last mission in Vietnam was flying refuges from the top of our U.S. embassy building in Saigon hours before it was overrun by the communists. You could tell the sadness in his voice, "We left so many behind." My barber served in the South Vietnam Army as a Captain. He didn't escape and had to go to "Re-education Classes." In addition, he and other former soldiers in South Vietnamese armed forces were forced to leave the cities and take up farming. This was the only way they could regain their full standing in their new communist society. He's lucky to be alive. (His son recently graduated in a Texas college with a technical degree.) Many never had this option. Words can never express how much I respect this man and his family.

Unless you've served in the military there's no way of fully understanding the "Band of Brother and Women" fellowship that takes placed within you because of having survived the military experience whether good or bad. It makes men out of boys and women out of girls. This special fellowship and memories grow stronger over the years. We are fortunate as a nation to have an ongoing supply of young men and women who volunteer for military service so that we can continue to fulfilled our needs across the world.

Now it's time to fix the Veterans Administration. And what should be the guiding principal in evaluating alternatives and making decisions across the board?
The answer is to quickly implement those decisions that will save the MOST veteran lives going forward...NOT POLITICAL POSTURING...EITHER PARTY.
NOT SAVING CAREERS. NOT SAVING REPUTATIONS, ETC. From now on its about saving as many lives as we possibly can. The first leadership principal taught to all officers in the U.S. military service is to first take care of your men and women.
Officers who follow this principal are more likely to get promoted ahead of those who don't (all other things being equal).

Today, our new heroes are the men and women within the Veterans Administration who have spoken out at great risk. And my only question is this: What took so long for our elected members of ALL parties to act until now? They've been receiving these warnings for years. SHAME ON ALL OF THEM!

Frank Dirnbauer
1st Lieutenant, U.S. Army
Adjutant General Corps
July 1967-1969
Recipient of the US. Army Commendation Medal for Meritorious Service


I thought I hid it well through the years.  I worked hard at suppressing my social awkwardness.  In fact, for years you could say I was passing as someone fairly socially adept. However at last night's Wylie High School Theater Awards and Banquet, it all came back in an incredibly painful instant.

When I was a baby, I would only go to 3 people.  Sadly, my father was not one of them as I would only let my grandmothers and my mother hold me. When I was a little girl, I was very clingy with my mother.  In fact, I cried every morning at school until 2nd grade.

Sure, I was fine with people one on one or in very small groups, but in large groups I just didn't want to be amongst all those other, well,  people.

I was only fond of one friend at a time, never caring to be the center of attention.  When my one friend spent time with the plethora of her other friends, I tried not to get my feelings hurt rather spending that time reading.  My mother called me 'precocious' because I could really come out with some ten dollar words in conversation.

I really disliked social situations, in fact I spent inordinate amounts of time fretting over normal things most people take for granted. I hated taking my drink back for refills, disliked dances, never wanted to be called on in school, disliked meetings, certainly did not want to be called up to a stage for awards, and I didn't like shopping.

Sure, I made steps toward proper socialization.  The two times I stepped out were when I sang a solo at a choir concert in middle scchool, because I was selected and had no choice, and when I played the piano in the junior high talent show, because I wanted to see if I could do it. You see, I'm certainly not abnormal, I just have very awkward tendencies. Rather than try to become friendly with them, I did my best to suppress them.

I know it sounds strange writing about myself in this way, perhaps even a little conceited, but I truly identify with the intellectual, quiet girl more than any other identity. And I see this in my oldest son too who is also socially awkward but highly intellectual. When I talk with him about various topics, it is very clear he is a deep thinker. In fact, he tosses out more ten dollar words than I ever did. I totally get that.

It's not to say I was socially inept, but just awkward. So as a young adult I actually took up smoking, just to have something to do with my hands. Back in the day we could smoke everywhere so between every college class on campus, I used the cigarette to pretend I had something to do, a purpose for standing outside the classroom and not moving my hands in awkward ways, because I'm a hand wringer.

Of course I did fine in life. I got jobs, learned to schmooze in sales, even learned to give speeches. But not without practicing, a lot. I have spent countless hours as an adult pacing the house, practicing how to answer interview questions, and give speeches. And my speeches are good because I'm a writer.  But put me in front of a group of people without a well practiced speech, and you get to see that awkward little girl come flooding back.

Last night I was unprepared to present some gifts at the theater banquet, but I was forced to do so, on stage, under the hot lights, in front of a lot of people I don't know. Oh I've learned how to work a small crowd through the years, and I can be very funny and engaging, when I want to be.  But this made me very uncomfortable because I really dislike the spotlight and standing on a lit stage represents everything I dislike. So I stammered my way through thanking the two director teachers and one incredibly hard working parent, and was reminded in an instant of why I took up writing. Because I am so much better at expressing myself to an invisible audience than I am doing it in front of live people. For realz.

Spring Cleaning

It's spring and that means people are taking to their front yards, doing bed cleanouts, and dabbling in some landscaping.  Spring fever hits and suddenly everyone is a professional designer.

Most neighbors do the usual bed cleanout and plant a couple begonias in the front of the house.  Others are a little more experimental and add some hardscape like brick edging.  Yet others add the predictable wood barrel partially buried with some flowers growing out of it. Then there are those who are a tad design challenged. I'll address them next.

Take for instance the neighbor with the corner lot right at the entry of our neighborhood.  He's got a bare wood tractor sitting in the front lawn with wood, octagon-shaped wheels.  It's not your Paw Paw's John Deer, that's for certain. Very groovy.  Can't wait to see it turn drab grey as the sun and weather do their usual duty.

Then there was the neighbor who removed every bush and plant around the house.  I'm still wondering just how they thought that was a good idea.

Of course there is also the neighbor who thought placing boulders strategically throughout the front lawn made it look somehow, well, mountainesque.  I hate to break the news to them that it looks like they strategically placed boulders in their yard. Imagine having to mow and edge that.

Then there is that very special neighbor.  We all have one.  The uber-exuberant vet who has the biggest badest-ass flag pole and flag. Though they gave up playing taps daily, instead it is lit like Circus Circus in Las Vegas. Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being patriotic, it is actually encouraged.  It's just that some neighbors take it just a teensy bit too far.

Like the neighbor on the end of my street.  He has a corner lot with ample room to be a bit more adventurous. His decoration stints started with some unusual objet d'art. In the beginning there was the mound of dirt in the front yard that I took photos of because I thought he buried a dead body there.

Next came a dirt State of Texas outline and large cement placard with their name on it, which sported a black plastic bag for a while, I suppose in anticipation of all the flowers, grass, and weeds that came next. To help hold up the dirt which continually weathered away through the natural process of water and wind erosion, he added boulders all around it. As if.

Next came the holidays. There was the life-sized witch lit to perfection with her portrait covering the whole side of the house, then there was the life-sized turkey for Thanksgiving, which was actually kind of creepy.  Of course next came the Christmas decorations with a massive wood present.  Then came the wooden, life-sized, red-painted, replica airplane, which much to the chagrin of several neighbors has remained ever since.

More recently there has been a flurry of hammering and sawing activity.  I am convinced the man is turning the house into some sort of shrine. For two weeks he had his fence-line expanded, probably illegally because I don't recall seeing any flags stabbed into the lawn.  He even had a cement truck come pour what can be described as an entrance landing pad, to an area I can only surmise will be a gate. Same said cement truck also poured channels of cement from where metal fence posts are now protruding rather unevenly.

And now this evening I am informed by my husband that the neighbor has built a huge wood POW billboard along the entire side of his house.  I mean seriously, the man is leaving me in a state of perpetual WTFs daily. I know you want him for your neighbor don't you?

We certainly thought of moving to one of the nicer neighborhoods as they sprang up over the years since we moved here, but it really isn't cost effective or very financially sound to spend that kind of money on realtor fees as well as costs associated with moving when we would only be going a couple of miles. For us to move, we would have to be going a whole lot further than across the street. 

I am hoping somehow, somewhere there is a City of Wylie Ordinance that covers this sort of nuisance neighbor. At this point I am wondering if it is time to gather the other neighbors to my bosom and perform a much needed intervention.

Marital Bliss

I was trying to fall asleep last night and had a few thoughts about what sustains a marriage. I mean, marriage is tougher than Sally Hanson's Hard as Nails. Really it is.

In marriage, we attempt to take two, usually polar opposites, and make them fit together like a square peg in a round hole. It can be very frustrating learning how to set one's super ego and id aside as dos become uno.

I know a lot of divorced people who say they will never marry again but honestly, I don't have any desire to go through life alone.  I like having an instant playmate and a read-made date at my whim. Now I suppose if I were an armchair football widow each fall we would have probably had to visit the judge, but then again I would not fall for one of those types anyway. We are well suited when it comes to hobbies and interests.

I am stymied at how many people comment on how long 21 years is, but to me it seems as though it was yesterday. We were both skinny little things. I was 27 and he was 26 and after numerous discussions about marital expectations we were ready to take the plunge. The proposal was not really any surprise.  It was just a natural progression in our relationship. So he proposed, and proposed, and well, proposed.  In fact, he says I made him propose to me about 4 different times before it took.

There was the first time at what we call the water place, the Trammell Crow sculpture garden in downtown Dallas.

Then there was the restaurant Il Sorento on Turtle Creek.
To be honest, I don't recall the other times but he swears they total four.  Sure it sounds funny, but we were excited and swept up by the jumbly-stomach, swirling-heart, dizzy-head romance of it all. I think we were so excited we found each other that we just wanted to relive it over again.

If you think numerous proposals are funny, you might think multiple marriages are hilarious. I married him twice. Actually, we had a civil ceremony downtown Las Colinas near one of the bridges as well as a church ceremony at St. Elizabeth Seton's Catholic Church in Plano a couple years later once my first marriage was annulled and we were free to marry in the church.  I know it is strange for those who are not Catholic, but to be honest the annulment process was very cathartic for me and I found it useful in forgiving my ex and moving on.

Marriage is tough, but it can also be wonderful.  Well that is if we learn to communicate, overcome our childish tendencies, and accept that our spouse is not an extension of us.  That's right.  The word 'we' does not mean 'me and everything I damn well please' as we browbeat the other into submission. It means that we take our two points of view and bounce them off each other and come up with the best of both.

Not all marriages are ideal. When our local Target was built, I recall shopping there that first week and feeling truly sorry for this dude that picked up the wrong chunk of cheese only to be chastised publicly, by his overbearing wife as she called him 'stupid'. He glanced around looking so dejected and embarrassed as she gave her ugliness not another thought. 

Perhaps their marriage started off just as fulfilling as ours, but it is critical to avoid the me, me, me pitfalls that can come with laziness. Believe me, he was not happy in that marriage and she was too self-centered to even realize what was clearly coming her way.

Marriage can be rewarding as well. I read stories and sweet tales on Facebook by Virdie Montgomery, the principal of Wylie High School who is clearly in love with his wife and he takes every opportunity to verbalize how much he cherishes not only her, but also their marriage.  His musings are a living testament to his student 'friends' who get to read what healthy marital expectations and having a sense of humor in marriage should look like.

Through his shared thoughts, the students get to see how he not only is able to be a stellar principal and do his job, but how he includes his wife, and that it is possible to be incredibly happy having both a healthy marriage and a successful career, which so many young people are led to believe is nearly impossible.

My parents have been married 53 years and they claim what is most important is that they are best friends. I believe that is indeed the key to marriage, not sex, not romance, not any of that.  Just being best friends and treating our significant other how we would like to be treated is crucial. And while I am at it, it is also important to understand that our better half is not any more perfect than we are and so it is equally as important to forgive and move on.  That is the reason so many get divorced, not because they fell out of love, it's because they did not learn to forgive.  

So as I look at the old grey-haired stallion laying sideways in the black and white armchair, sound asleep in what has got to be an epically painful sleeping pose, I am reminded of all the reasons why biting my tongue is more important than belting out stupid stuff in the moment just because I am feeling crappy.  I am reminded that selflessly ironing his stack of shirts because he has even less free time than I do with a long commute each day is a way to gain more of his free time just for me. As I watch his eyes slowly close and he 'assumes the position' as I call it, adjusting himself in the chair. He does so just so he can be with me a little while longer as I watch late night TV. The crick in the neck from a snooze in the chair and sore feet from standing at the ironing board are small prices to pay just to grab a little free time to be bffs.

It is the little things that make marriage worthwhile, so don't forget to not only look for them but to also see them.

Unfriendly Time

I must apologize to my readers. Time has unfortunately not been on my side lately. With the flurry of graduation activities, including awards ceremonies, end of year shows, meetings, college prep, prom and getting the house ready for the party, my time for writing has diminished greatly.

I have had people tell me in the past that they need their daily 'fix' of my blog and to them I am heartily sorry for not paying better attention to it over the last couple weeks. I apologize because I see some of you are even desperate enough to go back a couple years reading old news. For you I will write a few short stories and thoughts between now and graduation in early June. After that I should be able to resume time spent on more in-depth research and writing.

Thank you, my readers are the BEST!

Wylie National Guard Armory Tagged for Closing

This message was sent to me by a Wylie City Council member who asked that we contact our elected officials in DC and let them know how we feel about this bill, which theoretically taps the Wylie National Guard Armory for closing.

Most important, did Pete Sessions even have a clue his vote would affect the armory in his very own district when he voted to pass this? Did he bother reaching out to the Mayor and City Council in Wylie to see what their needs were? Shame on Representative Pete Sessions for supporting a bill that would be harmful to the economy in one of the cities in his congressional district.

Besides, why exactly is Congress focusing on cutting any defense spending?  For a Republican majority House, these idiots capitulate to socialist Obama's demands with nary a fight because they are all up there feeding at the trough.

Meanwhile the establishment GOP continue to vote these pieces of crap into office because they are terrified of electing a Tea Party candidate. Horrors!  Katrina Pierson shop lifted when she was 20, and poor, and a single mother.  Yet Pete Sessions was screwing around on his wife two years ago when he was 51 and old enough to know better.

Rather than cut defense which is necessary in a very dangerous world, ask youself why our elected officials are not working to cut entitlements, taxes, welfare, and Obamacare? Establishment RINOs certainly complain a great deal about these things yet continue to support those big business, padded pocket candidates that help the other side because it would be too painful for them to turn away from the trough.

Why did Pete Sessions, and in fact all but one representative zero in on the usual liberal demands of cutting defense spending? These elected officials are obviously out of touch with reality.

Sessions need not wonder why the people of Wylie did not vote for him in the primary March 4th as he lost here to Katrina Pierson 56/44.  Clearly he has no clue there is even an Armory in his very own district .

The letter I received is below:
Please act immediately!! Include your voter ID number if you have it !! I am so pissed that Representative Pete Sessions voted for this and did not even know we had an Armory in Wylie!! They will shut down the Armory if we do not swamped them with e mail they have already voted for the first round.

I am writing asking for your help.

It is my understanding that last week, the U.S. House of Representatives approved the first bill of the annual appropriations process, the Military Construction Veterans Affairs Appropriations Act of 2015 (MilCon-VA Appropriations). This process will allow the government to fund priorities, while also cutting wasteful spending and achieving meaningful savings for American taxpayers. The Military Construction-Veterans Affairs bill will reduce overall spending by $1.8 billion compared to the fiscal year 2014 bill and increases funding for veterans’ programs. While I agree we need to cut spending and take care of our veterans, my concern is the impact this will have on our active military forces, and specifically the National Guard Armory in Wylie, Texas. This bill (House Bill 3930) could directly impact the 324 combat-ready soldiers who serve out of this facility.

The Armory in Wylie has been here since 1986. Over the last two years, it has undergone an extensive remodeling and now, there are discussions that it may be one of the units that is shut down.

Why does this Wylie reduction or the other proposed reductions in armories around the state of Texas matter?

Let me give you a few examples:

The soldiers from Wylie have served in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Horn of Africa.
They are able to provide timely response and support to man-made and natural disasters in our region and around the state.

This MilCon-VA Appropriations Bill will potentially require closing not only Wylie’s Armory, but also armories around the state of Texas. For example the Houston armory is also on the list…this will impact the 4th largest city in the nation.

It will reduce the reserve bench for national security, and it could take up to five years to reverse this force structure reduction.

Wylie is home to the North Texas Municipal Water District providing water to more than 1.6 million residents in the North Texas service area. This is a facility that could be a potential target for someone wishing to cause harm to a large number of American citizens. We need our Army National Guard close by, after all, they are the men and women who are sworn to serve and protect our homeland.

In Wylie, this will impact 324 families and our local economy.

The Army National Guard is a cost effective, combat proven group of men and women who are ready to meet our national defense strategy. I would encourage you to reach out to our U.S. Representatives: Pete Sessions, Ralph Hall and Sam Johnson. Tell them about our armory, ask them to tour the facility and go back to Congress and request a comprehensive external study of the structure of our military to determine whether, and how, the structure should be modified.
I would also like to add that the Armory served as a center to hold 103 families displaced by Hurricane Katrina until they could be placed in more permanent homes.

The Armory is also a place were the Boy Scouts of America hold various events. Clearly it has served an important role for Wylie's citizens and to our economy.

The bill passed April 30th and will go to the Senate next.  Contact  your senators and let them know how you feel about this bill:

Senator Ted Cruz:
North Texas
Lee Park Tower II
3626 N. Hall St.
Suite 410
Dallas, TX 75219
(214) 599-8749

Washington, D.C.
Dirksen Senate Office Bldg
Suite 185
Washington, DC 20510
(202) 224-5922

Senator John Cornyn:
Central Texas  
Chase Tower
221 West Sixth Street
Suite 1530
Austin, TX 78701
Main: 512-469-6034
Fax: 512-469-6020

Washington DC
517 Hart Senate Office Bldg.
Washington, DC 20510
Main: 202-224-2934
Fax: 202-228-2856

Oh and while you are at it, why don't you let your representatives know exactly how you feel about this by complaining to the following reps:

Pete Sessions
Wylie, Sachse, Garland, Rowlett, Richardson and Dallas residents
Dallas, Texas Office
Congressman Pete Sessions
Park Central VII
12750 Merit Drive, Suite 1434
Dallas, Texas 75251-1229
Phone: (972) 392-0505
Fax: (972) 392-0615

Washington, D.C. Office
Congressman Pete Sessions
2233 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515-4332
Phone: (202) 225-2231
Fax: (202) 225-5878

Ralph Hall
Lavon & Nevada
Rockwall, TX
104 N. San Jacinto St.
Rockwall, TX 75087-2508
Phone: 972-771-9118
Fax: 972-722-0907
**Main District Office**
Washington D.C Office
2405 Rayburn H.O.B.
Washington, D.C. 20515-0001
Phone: 202-225-6673
Fax: 202-225-3332

Sam Johnson
Murphy & Plano
Plano, Texas Office
1255 W 15th Street, Suite 170
Plano, Texas 75075
ph: (469) 304-0382
fax: (469) 304-0392
Washington DC Office
1211 Longworth Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
ph: (202) 225-4201

Hate for the Sake of Hate

This is an example of the vile rhetoric the left accuses the right of:

It is perpetrated out of hatred for the sake of hatred. Pretty vile huh? 
Where does this hateful and evil attitude come from anyway?  It comes from one of the boys in junior high school who bullied me.  Clearly we can see what sort of character he has carried with him for the past 36 years. Oh and his comment was liked by another one of my school pals (not anyone who posted on that photo) who purposely baited me on political issues and when I called him out for judgment calls not made on facts as well as unfounded stereotyping of me, he suddenly became pensive and played Mr. Innocent, as if he did not know what I meant.  Of course he knew.  He was being argumentative just for argumentative sake.  Silly really.
I tried friending both of these men because I am of the let bygones be bygones mindset but I have since parted ways with these vile excuses for human beings. Shame they are wasting perfectly good oxygen.
The sad part is, just what portion of Ann Coulter's statement do these clowns not like?  Can anyone really tell?  Of course not. Coulter's statement is based completely on fact.  Congress has indeed exempted themselves from Obamacare. Boom goes the dynamite.
What they don't like is that Ann Coulter is a strong, opinionated conservative woman and therefore she must be labeled with offensive names and immediately dismissed. These men are so close-minded and possess such low self esteem that they feel threatened by strong women to the point they have turned off all sense of reason. Now we wonder why men in general are being marginalized by women because nobody can take men like this serious.
While women move forward and progress in life, small-minded men like these stagnate and live amongst their own misery. Surely anyone who writes such filth and believes it is not a very happy person.
I wish these two men well but I will not subject myself to such miserable views of other human beings.  How sad to be them. 

McKinney Update

This is what happens when immature people are moved up into higher and higher levels of authority.  You get controversy and stupidity:

Neighbors Go McKinney reported on a discrimination charge levied by Deputy Chief Kim Malolepszy against Chief of Police Joe Williams.  In the article Malolepszy charges that, "I am being subjected to harassment, intimidation and different terms and conditions of employment." Evidently she was passed over for promotion to Assistant Chief. Now this is a woman who holds a Master's degree and is currently working on her Doctorate, and she is a 12 year veteran of the police department, also receiving the Medal of Valor during her service. She certainly has the qualifications.

Meanwhile McKinney's response was to put her on paid administrative leave because of a second charge she made involving the new Assistant Chief Randy Roland who was promoted instead of her. She claims her job was threatened in retaliation for her EEOC complaint against Chief Joe. 

Currently she has been removed from paid administrative leave and has been sent out of state to an FBI training course, showing McKinney's answer is to just remove the 'problem' rather than deal with the perpetrator of the problem - Chief Joe. Shameful.

Wylie Code of Conduct Redux

I am informed that next week the Wylie City Council Agenda will hold a little something something special. After years of various citizens requesting it, a code of ethics will finally come to a vote.  We can thank Councilwoman Diane Culver for shining the spotlight on this issue and following through on her campaign platform just as her council light dims for the last time.

Some people might not know what brought all of this about, especially if they have not been reading my blog for the last 3 years so I will give as brief a synopsis as I can.

Back in the day of Mayor Mondy whom I truly like and respect, he made a rather large blunder. Mondy did a little favor for his friend Mayor Pro Tem Red Byboth by writing a letter on City of Wylie letterhead, asking for leniency in the sentencing phase of a convicted child sex offender. According to my friend the Red-man, this offender was his employee at the moving company Byboth owns and he was hoping to give the guy a break because of the guy's allegations that he did not do what he was accused of (flashing a busload of students or some such stupidity). Suffice to say, the boner idea of using City of Wylie letterhead opened up the city for litigation should the kiddydiddler diddle kiddies again.

Of course this was pretty much swept under the rug by the Wylie News, the local newspaper that rarely reports anything controversial.  The news of this however was all over the Wylie View, a little bulletin board playground of what I call, some of Wylie's most immature citizens who post utter nonsense under pseudonyms. But I digress.

Back in the day, then citizen Diane Culver was quite verbal about the issue on the Wylie View and asked for a code of conduct for council, but that notion was swept under the carpet by an apathetic and self-centered group of council members.

A couple of years later I showed up at a meeting on home-based businesses and introduced myself as a Wylie Tea Party member, and after the meeting an appointed board member verbally accosted me right outside the doors to the council chamber.  I complained to our Mayor but felt it was not given any priority so I complained to the whole council. A bit of childishness went on with council because they had never had to deal with a citizen activist before.  They were honestly stymied as to how to proceed so they sweep it under the carpet rather than acknowledge my complaint.  It became crystal clear to me that our council felt they were sitting on seven golden thrones and could do what they pleased with no recourse whatsoever. This simply could not stand.

At that time I was put in touch with Diane Culver and found I had a comrade who wished to get a code of conduct brought to council. She felt moved to run for council and she took the seat away from one of the original good old boys former Councilman Carter Porter who had practically made sitting on council or boards a career. Many people spoke at subsequent council meetings in favor of a code of conduct but nothing was done, rather people like former Councilman Rick White essentially said he was above reproach and didn't need it. The arrogance of a few of our council members was jaw-dropping.

After Culver got on council, the woman who verbally accosted me was up for seat renewal and council had the opportunity to remove her for her bad behavior.  Rumor had it she had bouts of obnoxious behavior more than just with me but council members like Kathy Spillyards and Rick White gave me a f\u look and glared at me in council chambers as they voted to keep her on, despite the recommendation by the boards and commissions panel to remove her.  The way they handled it was so childish and vicious that I decided I had just about all I was going to take.  That night history was made as I started this blog.  My belief was that if citizens had no recourse and council refused to do what is morally and ethically right, then there had to be an outlet to let them know exactly what we think about it all. And boy do they know.

I can say without a doubt that our city council has known exactly what I thought of that issue and many others since I started writing this blog.  Sometimes I've hurt their feelings.  Sometimes they took things personally that were not meant personal because my twisted humor tippie toed across an appropriate line.  Yet at the end of the day, all I ever wanted was what was best for all citizens, not just what was best for me.

During her term, Culver was able to bring the code of conduct up for some work sessions and worked closely with Mayor Hogue nailing down the details but then it was pushed aside for the last year and a half.  I discovered that the code of ethics was about to come to a vote next week, Councilwoman Culver suggested that I should, "put my money where my mouth is" and apply for a position to the new board of citizens that it would create should it pass. On one hand I see her point but on the other hand it was never my intent to be one who sat on the jury, so to speak. It would seem as though I pushed so hard for a code of ethics just so I can sit on it. Again, never my intent.

I feel vehemently that I should be the last person to apply for that board and I did not have to reflect upon this for very long.  Additionally, it did not take me long to conclude that I should not stack the cards in the conservative favor either by pushing my political friends or tea party friends to apply, nor do I wish to see council members and other groups like the association WASA, formed to push for money to fund the retirement community and their center, stack such a board in their favor either. The idea of having this board is so that everyday average citizens have an objective third party to complain to that is not being swayed by pending elections or pals on other powerful boards such as the Wylie Economic Development Board.

In an ideal world I would love to see several nobodies in the city who have never been involved such as a teacher, a home-maker, a retiree, and a couple other professionals serve the city in this capacity.  And though this board does not provide the ability to remove elected officials, it will be tasked with getting to the bottom of a problem and then making a recommendation.  To say that this new code would be useless because it does not provide for the removal of elected officials is a bit of a misnomer.  The boardy will be able to recommend additional training or censuring, and do not underestimate the power of censuring. It is a very public statement that helps the average Joe Citizen understand that an elected official should probably receive a bit of extra scrutiny at election time should they choose not to resign from their position for wrong doing.

After being so overtly verbal about the need of a code of ethics, I should be happy that we are on the cusp of a vote for it, yet I cannot help but be a tad disappointed.  It took two public mishaps for our council to decide to do the right thing.  Had it not been for the Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest activities of our Councilman Nathan Scott and his arrests for everything from speeding all the way to striking his wife, and also the personal foibles of Councilman Bennie Jones' employment woes, we would be no closer to a code of ethics.

Some examples of why a code is necessary are strong reasons for a code to be passed. For all these years our council has relied on the city charter and the state's ethics requirements as their guide, yet these guides did nothing to stop one particular former council member who clearly has a problem with his liquor. This individual was spotted falling down drunk at numerous council events over his tenure, all while serving as a representative of Wylie.  Behavior like that is totally unacceptable and could have been dealt with swiftly had a code been in place. 

So too the sex offender letter of shame could have been dealt with.  Former Councilman Merrill Young could have been censured for purchasing a degree at a degree mill and passing himself off as a degreed teacher, or more accurately a total fraud to the community.  It could have dealt with the rather irresponsible Councilman Nathan Scott and his plethora of tickets, and it could have dealt with a woman who verbally accosted me because of my belief system.

From the examples I've given above, we can no longer assume that our elected and appointed officials understand the basic fundamentals of right and wrong. Clearly.  I only wish our council had done the right thing all along, but they made their choice and have had to live with a council member or two they would have like to deal with but were unable to as their punishment.  Because of this I hope the code of ethics passes, especially because of how embarrassing it would look for our council not to pass such a thing and make an incredibly arrogant statement to citizens that they believe they are too perfect for such a guidebook.

Here's to a second chance to do the right thing.

Same As It Ever Was

For those of you who have wondered where Katrina Pierson has gone off to since Pete Sessions won the primary race - all while pretending he lives in Texas when he doesn't.  Katrina has been busy working with ShePAC and touring on the Tea Party Express bus tour across the country helping other conservative campaigns.  She is truly a servant at heart.


Poor Pete Sessions has been recycling her old haunts, even paying a visit to CARGO, the gun rights group in Wylie that she visited while campaigning.  Poor guy.  How embarrassing he needs her to show him what is important in his own Congressional District 32. Awkward.

Despite Sessions' conciliatory visit to Collin County where he actually lost to Pierson big-time, Sessions has pretty much dropped out of sight as predicted. 

All the freebies ole' Pete donated to local causes are gone, nary a flag flown on Capital Hill has been lauded recently.  He sent nothing to the Boots & BBQ Gala, nor was there any presence at the One Night to Unite event, and he was not in attendance this weekend at Relay for Life or at the Wylie Jazz Festival. Pete Sessions is pretty much just as unengaged in CD32 as he always was. Gee big surprise.

Sadly people voted for that because they bought into a hyperbolic story his paid minions spread about Ms. Pierson's past.  Cheap, really cheap.

However hindsight is 20/20 and now the people of CD32 get to live with the rather lackluster decision they made on March 4th. 

I will always feel confident knowing that I was working with an individual who was worthy of my vote.  Just lookie who is still actually working for the people of this country.......and she is not even an elected official either!

No End in Sight for BLM Bullies

The Boy Scouts of America are under attack by the BLM. As I write the Bureau of Land Management is eyeing 170 acres of a 400 acre tract of land called Camp Perkins along the Red River which the BSA has held since 1924. Just how does the federal government justify their belief that this land  belongs to them?  By what authority?

The thought of this out of control, growing entity called Bureau of Land Management which operates under the US Department of Interior snapping up land and muscling their way in arm and arm with another questionable entity, the Bureau of Indian Affairs also under the Department of Interior, should be very concerning.  Would it be too fatalistic of me to say they are plotting?

The BLM and the BIA are clearly plotting to gain land in Alaska in their cozy friendship. Well it isn't as if we didn't see this one coming.

Currently the federal government owns more than 40% of the land in the United States. When queried repeatedly the BLM has no definitive answer as to exactly what they intend to do with all of this land being 'surveyed'. They just want it and with every passing day we hear of new BLM land claims being made.

I can pretty much speak on their behalf when I say they intend to hoard it, along with all of Texas' water sources and all of our other natural resources.  Agenda 21 outlines this plan for them.

We keep hearing the term 'overreach' being tossed around but in reality, this word is a gross understatement when we consider what the BLM is doing. This rogue behavior of our federal government has moved far beyond overreach and resides somewhere near total abject rejection by the federal government of the US Constitution.  This rejection is providing the Department of Interior with the kahones to push their way into our states and shove our local governments around as they are with our local Collin County Commissioners with a Memorandum of Understanding which does not allow for any input, just a warm body sitting at the table listening to the BLM and the BIA make determinations on our behalf. In essence, they are going to tell us how it's going to be. At the risk of repeating myself I cannot stop asking, by what authority?

I seem to recall the federal government being created by the states solely for the purpose of: establishing justice, insuring domestic tranquility, and providing for the common defense, welfare of all inhabitants (not welfare for as the liberals would have you think), and shared liberty. At least that is what the US Constitution said last time I looked. It is not exactly a small role, but then again, it is a small role, or it was supposed to be.

I find it distasteful that our federal government has shifted so much control to themselves while citizens of the 50 state blindly support the power-hungry policies.  They elected Obama and then re-elected him and nowhere during the past 6 years has he been held to any high standards. In fact, the bar is set so low, a slug could climb over it. Yet there are still people out there who believe the Obama administration has done a good job.  Weird. 

In reality, the only people doing well in the Obamacomony are the wealthy.  That is a far cry from what he decried in 2008 and 2012 isn't it?

Along with the stale economy and soft job market the people are now under siege by federal government entities that spy on us and now wish to take our land.  Oh and Obama is on board with these land grabs lest you think his hands are clean as he signs an executive order allowing for it.  Can you say unconstitutional? 

Your president wishes to create vast  new ecosystems rather than jobs. Useful.

Clearly our schools are in dire need of doing a better job teaching US History because somewhere during the units on the US Constitution someone dropped the ball on those lesson plans. Sadly, for the last decade at least we have been graduating students who have no idea what the US Constitution says or why it says what it does.  The idea behind Agenda 21 is to obfuscate liberty and they seem to be accomplishing that goal with every passing graduation ceremony.

We the People have no freaking clue what the hell the phrase 'We the People' means anymore because government by the people no longer exists. We continue to elect people who have made their representation of us a part-time job with full-time pay and full-time benefits. Our states and local municipalities are not in any better shape either.

Our local town council clowns are somehow miraculously elected by the 300 people who bother to come out to vote and on any given council meeting there are perhaps 8-20 citizens in attendance. So where are the other 42,980 people? Certainly not politically engaged or even quasi-knowledgeable, that is for certain.  Recall in prior blog posts that I have pointed out how difficult, if not impossible it is to gain something back that we have willingly relinquished to others.

Lest you think this BLM land controversy is all overstated and will eventually go away, the BLM is at it again in Temecula California looking to confiscate 11,000 acres which include the only privately held lake in California according to the Breitbart article. It is clear our government plans to play dirty. From Bill Johnson's statement in the article, "The minute I bought my land, they started taking all my rights away. They stripped the zoning, general plan, and specific plan for the property and open space designation, depriving it of its value The minute I bought my land, they started taking all my rights away. They stripped the zoning, general plan, and specific plan for the property and open space designation, depriving it of its value."

The BLM possible grab of Lake Lavon is still on the Collin County Commissioner's agenda again for this Monday's meeting at 1:30.  You can read a great synopsis of what took place by my friend and comrade Barbara Harless. This Monday I hope there is standing room only.