Hate for the Sake of Hate

This is an example of the vile rhetoric the left accuses the right of:

It is perpetrated out of hatred for the sake of hatred. Pretty vile huh? 
Where does this hateful and evil attitude come from anyway?  It comes from one of the boys in junior high school who bullied me.  Clearly we can see what sort of character he has carried with him for the past 36 years. Oh and his comment was liked by another one of my school pals (not anyone who posted on that photo) who purposely baited me on political issues and when I called him out for judgment calls not made on facts as well as unfounded stereotyping of me, he suddenly became pensive and played Mr. Innocent, as if he did not know what I meant.  Of course he knew.  He was being argumentative just for argumentative sake.  Silly really.
I tried friending both of these men because I am of the let bygones be bygones mindset but I have since parted ways with these vile excuses for human beings. Shame they are wasting perfectly good oxygen.
The sad part is, just what portion of Ann Coulter's statement do these clowns not like?  Can anyone really tell?  Of course not. Coulter's statement is based completely on fact.  Congress has indeed exempted themselves from Obamacare. Boom goes the dynamite.
What they don't like is that Ann Coulter is a strong, opinionated conservative woman and therefore she must be labeled with offensive names and immediately dismissed. These men are so close-minded and possess such low self esteem that they feel threatened by strong women to the point they have turned off all sense of reason. Now we wonder why men in general are being marginalized by women because nobody can take men like this serious.
While women move forward and progress in life, small-minded men like these stagnate and live amongst their own misery. Surely anyone who writes such filth and believes it is not a very happy person.
I wish these two men well but I will not subject myself to such miserable views of other human beings.  How sad to be them.