McKinney Update

This is what happens when immature people are moved up into higher and higher levels of authority.  You get controversy and stupidity:

Neighbors Go McKinney reported on a discrimination charge levied by Deputy Chief Kim Malolepszy against Chief of Police Joe Williams.  In the article Malolepszy charges that, "I am being subjected to harassment, intimidation and different terms and conditions of employment." Evidently she was passed over for promotion to Assistant Chief. Now this is a woman who holds a Master's degree and is currently working on her Doctorate, and she is a 12 year veteran of the police department, also receiving the Medal of Valor during her service. She certainly has the qualifications.

Meanwhile McKinney's response was to put her on paid administrative leave because of a second charge she made involving the new Assistant Chief Randy Roland who was promoted instead of her. She claims her job was threatened in retaliation for her EEOC complaint against Chief Joe. 

Currently she has been removed from paid administrative leave and has been sent out of state to an FBI training course, showing McKinney's answer is to just remove the 'problem' rather than deal with the perpetrator of the problem - Chief Joe. Shameful.