No End in Sight for BLM Bullies

The Boy Scouts of America are under attack by the BLM. As I write the Bureau of Land Management is eyeing 170 acres of a 400 acre tract of land called Camp Perkins along the Red River which the BSA has held since 1924. Just how does the federal government justify their belief that this land  belongs to them?  By what authority?

The thought of this out of control, growing entity called Bureau of Land Management which operates under the US Department of Interior snapping up land and muscling their way in arm and arm with another questionable entity, the Bureau of Indian Affairs also under the Department of Interior, should be very concerning.  Would it be too fatalistic of me to say they are plotting?

The BLM and the BIA are clearly plotting to gain land in Alaska in their cozy friendship. Well it isn't as if we didn't see this one coming.

Currently the federal government owns more than 40% of the land in the United States. When queried repeatedly the BLM has no definitive answer as to exactly what they intend to do with all of this land being 'surveyed'. They just want it and with every passing day we hear of new BLM land claims being made.

I can pretty much speak on their behalf when I say they intend to hoard it, along with all of Texas' water sources and all of our other natural resources.  Agenda 21 outlines this plan for them.

We keep hearing the term 'overreach' being tossed around but in reality, this word is a gross understatement when we consider what the BLM is doing. This rogue behavior of our federal government has moved far beyond overreach and resides somewhere near total abject rejection by the federal government of the US Constitution.  This rejection is providing the Department of Interior with the kahones to push their way into our states and shove our local governments around as they are with our local Collin County Commissioners with a Memorandum of Understanding which does not allow for any input, just a warm body sitting at the table listening to the BLM and the BIA make determinations on our behalf. In essence, they are going to tell us how it's going to be. At the risk of repeating myself I cannot stop asking, by what authority?

I seem to recall the federal government being created by the states solely for the purpose of: establishing justice, insuring domestic tranquility, and providing for the common defense, welfare of all inhabitants (not welfare for as the liberals would have you think), and shared liberty. At least that is what the US Constitution said last time I looked. It is not exactly a small role, but then again, it is a small role, or it was supposed to be.

I find it distasteful that our federal government has shifted so much control to themselves while citizens of the 50 state blindly support the power-hungry policies.  They elected Obama and then re-elected him and nowhere during the past 6 years has he been held to any high standards. In fact, the bar is set so low, a slug could climb over it. Yet there are still people out there who believe the Obama administration has done a good job.  Weird. 

In reality, the only people doing well in the Obamacomony are the wealthy.  That is a far cry from what he decried in 2008 and 2012 isn't it?

Along with the stale economy and soft job market the people are now under siege by federal government entities that spy on us and now wish to take our land.  Oh and Obama is on board with these land grabs lest you think his hands are clean as he signs an executive order allowing for it.  Can you say unconstitutional? 

Your president wishes to create vast  new ecosystems rather than jobs. Useful.

Clearly our schools are in dire need of doing a better job teaching US History because somewhere during the units on the US Constitution someone dropped the ball on those lesson plans. Sadly, for the last decade at least we have been graduating students who have no idea what the US Constitution says or why it says what it does.  The idea behind Agenda 21 is to obfuscate liberty and they seem to be accomplishing that goal with every passing graduation ceremony.

We the People have no freaking clue what the hell the phrase 'We the People' means anymore because government by the people no longer exists. We continue to elect people who have made their representation of us a part-time job with full-time pay and full-time benefits. Our states and local municipalities are not in any better shape either.

Our local town council clowns are somehow miraculously elected by the 300 people who bother to come out to vote and on any given council meeting there are perhaps 8-20 citizens in attendance. So where are the other 42,980 people? Certainly not politically engaged or even quasi-knowledgeable, that is for certain.  Recall in prior blog posts that I have pointed out how difficult, if not impossible it is to gain something back that we have willingly relinquished to others.

Lest you think this BLM land controversy is all overstated and will eventually go away, the BLM is at it again in Temecula California looking to confiscate 11,000 acres which include the only privately held lake in California according to the Breitbart article. It is clear our government plans to play dirty. From Bill Johnson's statement in the article, "The minute I bought my land, they started taking all my rights away. They stripped the zoning, general plan, and specific plan for the property and open space designation, depriving it of its value The minute I bought my land, they started taking all my rights away. They stripped the zoning, general plan, and specific plan for the property and open space designation, depriving it of its value."

The BLM possible grab of Lake Lavon is still on the Collin County Commissioner's agenda again for this Monday's meeting at 1:30.  You can read a great synopsis of what took place by my friend and comrade Barbara Harless. This Monday I hope there is standing room only.