Same As It Ever Was

For those of you who have wondered where Katrina Pierson has gone off to since Pete Sessions won the primary race - all while pretending he lives in Texas when he doesn't.  Katrina has been busy working with ShePAC and touring on the Tea Party Express bus tour across the country helping other conservative campaigns.  She is truly a servant at heart.


Poor Pete Sessions has been recycling her old haunts, even paying a visit to CARGO, the gun rights group in Wylie that she visited while campaigning.  Poor guy.  How embarrassing he needs her to show him what is important in his own Congressional District 32. Awkward.

Despite Sessions' conciliatory visit to Collin County where he actually lost to Pierson big-time, Sessions has pretty much dropped out of sight as predicted. 

All the freebies ole' Pete donated to local causes are gone, nary a flag flown on Capital Hill has been lauded recently.  He sent nothing to the Boots & BBQ Gala, nor was there any presence at the One Night to Unite event, and he was not in attendance this weekend at Relay for Life or at the Wylie Jazz Festival. Pete Sessions is pretty much just as unengaged in CD32 as he always was. Gee big surprise.

Sadly people voted for that because they bought into a hyperbolic story his paid minions spread about Ms. Pierson's past.  Cheap, really cheap.

However hindsight is 20/20 and now the people of CD32 get to live with the rather lackluster decision they made on March 4th. 

I will always feel confident knowing that I was working with an individual who was worthy of my vote.  Just lookie who is still actually working for the people of this country.......and she is not even an elected official either!