That Pesky Teske

Drama Queen City of Lavon Mayor Chuck Teske is at it again. On CBS 11 News at 10 tonight, I was highly entertained by a feature on the City of Lavon. It would appear that pesky Mayor Teske called in the news station to report that Lavon Water put locks on all of their fire hydrants throughout the City of Lavon. Get outta here. No seriously.

Lavon water said they put the locks on their hydrants to stop water theft. In these drought conditions and monumental water restrictions, it is not difficult to imagine someone coming along and stealing water.

If the City of Lavon has a problem with water theft, why then aren't they working hand in hand with Lavon Water to catch the thief?  Rather, Mayor Teske calls Channel 11 to bellyache about having to pull out lock cutters in order to access the fire hydrants.  It just begs to be asked here: why exactly is there yet another controversy in Lavon?

As far back as last October, Chuck Teske was complaining about Lavon Water. He had a personal beef with them over his own property. I know, because he complained to me about it. Obviously it does not take a rocket scientist to see why the City of Lavon is not working with Lavon Water to find the water thief.

Wouldn't you think the City of Lavon had more important things to worry about than pointing fingers at Lavon Water over protecting their assets? Hows about the mass exodus of employees since last July?

It began when their Treasurer left. Then the Volunteer Community Center Manager resigned and all the volunteers walked out with her. Soon the replacement Treasurer left and was followed closely by the Director of Public Works, and the Public Works Clerk. Finally a Public Works employee left. All these departures are shrouded in a cloud of smoke and mirrors as the Lavon City Council, in cahoots with Mayor Teske, did their best to quash the flurry of complaints levied against both City Secretary Chris Wess and also Mayor Chuck Teske.

Seems to me that Channel 11 would be better served investigating exactly what is going on at the City of Lavon and why it is they seem incapable of getting along with just about everyone.