Zebra Mussel Won - Citizens Zero

So the big Pipeline from Texoma to Lake Lavon is finally operational. But do you think we'll get to turn our spigots back on?

The news from NTMWD is that it will be strangulating restrictions and regulations as usual, though it is amazing that prior to the zebra mussel debacle we had no real water restrictions.

Texas has always been in one form of drought condition or another through the years but with the media controlling every aspect of our lives currently, it is no wonder that an agenda can be pushed harder than usual. I recall Lake Lavon nearly going away in the mid 2000s but it came back and then some.  Well that was all in the past when Lake Texoma water was flowing freely.

Given that Lavon is artificially low because of the restricted Texoma flow for years coupled with the drought, is it any wonder that we have the Bureau of Land Management kicking around Lake Lavon, looking to confiscate land?

One of the many steps of Agenda 21 is control of natural resources. Had Texoma not been 'turned off' we would not have as harsh of lake levels as we currently have and it is doubtful we would have the BLM nosing around as they are now. Nothing like capitalizing on a misfortune.

It has only been since they shut off the supply from Lake Texoma that NTMWD insists we need conservation in Texas, but not prior to that event.  Well duh.

Once the government takes something away, good luck getting it back, so don't even pretend that you will ever be allowed to use the water you are paying for in whatever manner you see fit.

Meanwhile Lake Lavon will indeed fill after looking at the size of that pipeline, that is unless NTMWD is regulating the flow of water to keep Lavon artificially low while forecasters continue to report on drought conditions. So what happens when the drought ends? Seems what happens in Lake Texoma stays in Lake Texoma and I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for unrestricted water use any time soon.

The state law has not stopped the spread of zebra mussels either, so all this money to the tune of over $300 million was spent to filter out the larvae as well as "take the salt out" of Lake Texoma which was already flowing into Lake Lavon prior to 2012.  Why the water was good enough to drink back then and now suddenly has too much salt is a mystery nobody is likely to solve. Oh yes, there is that expensive pipeline and increasing water bills to help pay for it all.

True to form when it comes to government overreach, citizens lose...