Git 'r Done

When I was working on Katrina Pierson's congressional campaign earlier this year, I was amazed at the outpouring of help. Knowing how unengaged Wylie folk are in politics, I was afraid I would mostly be going this alone, save for the usual half a handful of volunteers. Yet people were so moved by the direction this state and country are headed, that I met some truly wonderful people and made some new friends who volunteered tirelessly with me.

After the last early Saturday morning meeting where we gathered at my dining room table to go over the precinct walk, we were all visibly exhausted from multiple weekends of doing this as well as the emotional rollercoaster of campaigning against a very wealthy establishment congressman. We had this one final push a mere two weeks before the March 4th Primary to touch all the homes in Wylie that  had voted in the previous GOP primary. Our goal was clear: to complete all of Wylie.

I sent each volunteer on their way with stacks of door hangers, precinct maps and Excel spreadsheets that I had worked hours on, organizing and marking out the routes. When my last volunteer opened the door to leave, she turned around, looked at me and said, "Let's git 'r done."

This battle cry of sorts has prodded me on since that day.  I have adopted it for all manner of tasks and activities that need a little extra attention or motivation in order to accomplish them.

So today, on this graduation day of my youngest, my baby boy. I know that I have given him my all in hopes that he will take that and freely expand upon it as he sees fit.  As he completes this final rite of passage into full-on adulthood, it is time for me to hand his life over to him as I have now completed my bit.

Let's git 'r done son, let's git 'r done.