Lavon City Hall-ucinations

Sadly small town jackassery takes place everywhere and the little town of Lavon is no different. It would appear there are some very mystical and magical things taking place down at Lavon City Hall.

I reported previously that my open records request was answered with an invoice from the City of Lavon to the tune of $1,198.19. According to the cost estimate, it was to cover my request for a copy of the December 4, 2013 council meeting audio recording where a formal complaint of sexual harassment was being heard.

By some great feat of magic, this......


Turned into this.....

Let me explain.

The original charges state they need IT programming to write the program that will perform a key word search.

The attorney general's office replied to Lavon regarding my complaint stating they must forward to me a detailed description of the IT vendor's tasks.

The cost estimate I received today does not list any detailed descriptions from any IT vendor for programming.  It does however list some things in addition to the December 4th audio recording.  It adds copies for meeting minutes and emails I requested regarding the resignation of the Community Center Manager volunteer.

Am I to assume the lawyers left out the other information in their first bill to me? If so, is the City attorney that scatterbrained that they cannot even construct a simple FOIA response to a citizen? What the hell good are they and why are the citizens of Lavon paying all that money for this Tom Foolery?

The letter from the attorney embarrassingly goes on to detail in depth how the City Secretary used a stopwatch to time just how long it takes her to download a recording. So the city has time to waste using stopwatches to record similar recording downloads to use as an example just to tell me how much time it will take to fulfill my request. Ah yes, I see said the blind man.

But more laughable is Lavon's insistence that they need an outside IT vendor to perform a keyword search in their emails for the volunteer's name. Lavon uses Outlook and any idiot knows how to search their email for a keyword.  A reasonable person would expect the City Secretary to know how to use such a basic program as Outlook and a basic task as searching her email for a name as part of her daily job function. Shit it takes me 5 seconds to do that.

The Lavon City Secretary, by way of the City attorney, has just proved she is electronically adept and savvy enough to download mp3 files to her computer and to a disk, yet claims she is not smart enough to perform a keyword search in Outlook? Um, not buying it.

Clearly Lavon is trying to put me off of obtaining the details I sought in a FOIA request in order to hide information. And hide they do since one of the citizens submitted an information request to view employee records on site for the City Secretary yet somehow miraculously the information was not in that employees file.  In fact, no complaints against the City Secretary were in her employee folder, so where were they?  I know this because I sat in as a witness while the citizen viewed what was in the file. Indeed I had the great misfortune of being employed with the City of Lavon for a 4 month period and I got to see firsthand just how things were handled around there.

Oh I can make it easy on them and provide them the day and time the volunteer sent and received emails from the City Secretary, directly from the citizen volunteer who would not be reasonably expected to be technologically savvy enough to search her email box, but she did, and without expert computer programming from an outside IT vendor.  Look ma' no hands!

When I made my first complaint July 16, 2013, a mere two weeks into my employment, about the City Secretary creating a hostile work environment, the Mayor looked into firing me on July 23, 2013 because I write this blog, oh and to the legal tune of $208.00 at 1.30 hours of work performed while the City of Lavon attorney read my blog to see if they could fire me. Seriously? Did they even need to consider what with my 1st Amendment Rights and all.  Dumb, really dumb.

One can imagine just how much money the City Secretary has cost the City of Lavon as the attorney is required to sit through hours and hours as numerous executive sessions were held in response to all of the complaints made against her by several employees, a citizen, and a volunteer.

As a little side note, my first complaint has never been provided to me even though I requested a copy through open records, likely due to the fact it no longer exists, so it is no wonder why records end up missing in open records requests.

Since I left, in one of my open records requests, I received a letter of complaint about the City Secretary from a citizen who works for Grand Heritage. There was an issue regarding employment of the grandson of the City Secretary with Grand Heritage. In fact, I was witness to this little ditty during my horrid term of employment there as well. The City Secretary walked through the office complaining that her grandson was not hired and stated she was going to pay the woman at Grand Heritage a little visit as she said aloud, "Oh she don't know me."

You can see for yourself just what took place at Grand Heritage when the City Secretary took a drive over there to complain:

It should be fairly obvious by now that there are problems at Lavon City Hall. This was the first special session of many special sessions called where the employment of the City Secretary was discussed in executive session.  I suppose you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the group of council member nincompoops did absolutely nothing in response.

But then again, this was the first complaint so let us give them the benefit of the doubt shall we?  Alas, there were other complaints levied as well, culminating in the final one by a male employee claiming the City Secretary sexually harassed him.  Now I might add here that several of us were witnesses to the statements made by the City Secretary to the complainant but again no action was taken by the council.  Somehow, again miraculously, they found no merit in the complaint. Weird.

Suffice to say, the City Secretary has miraculously been able to keep her $41K a year position with the City of Lavon and the citizens seem to have no idea what is really going on down there, except what the City wants them to know.

Lavon was in the news last week, so last weekend I made remarks on the Lavon Facebook group page suggesting that there appears to be some larger problems down at Lavon City Hall.

Lavon Mayor held an interview with Channel 11 News complaining that Lavon Water put locks on all the fire hydrants.  Lavon Water said it was because someone was stealing water out of the hydrants.  Rather than the City working with Lavon Water, they whined to the news instead.

I recall my last few days with Lavon, the Mayor complaining about a personal issue with Lavon Water.  He told me I should blog about it.  Suffice to say I did not.

I indicated in my post last weekend that based upon the Mayor's complaints about Lavon Water made months ago, and upon the mass exodus that took place at City Hall with 5 employees and all the volunteers having resigned all with complaints against the City Secretary and/or the Mayor, it appeared the Lavon administration do not seem to get along with anyone.  In response, the Mayor's wife was on Facebook writing libelous statements about me:

This illogically written post has since been removed but not before I took a screenshot of it to show the MayorMs. libeling me as she attempts to ruin my reputation claiming I need mental help. Disturbing.

What I find even more disturbing is that she indicates what takes place between two people as a joke does not constitute sexual harassment. Really?  Because the law states that it is when one person is offended enough by it to file a sexual harassment claim against the other person.  So too it is when those who were in attendance witnessed it and found it highly offensive. I was there and I was highly offended enough to put it in my own letter of resignation.  Personally I found that this matter was nothing to laugh about.

The sad part is that down at Lavon, the hallucinations about who is wrong and who is a perfect likeness of God continue, and ultimately the citizens pay the price.