Pounds of Flesh

For those of us following the IRS abuse scandal, we know that the abuse orders came from the highest possible level - Barack Obama's office and was supported by DC Democrats. Savvy investigators have been submitting open records requests and discovered the President's story that these abuses were thunk up by a rogue Cincinnati office is a lie.  Go figure.  They have proof the order of abuse came from the Washington DC office rather than Cincinnati as our president repeatedly regurgitated to the media cameras, all while trying to look awfully purdy at his teleprompter.

As we continue to dig into this controversy, a seemingly baffled White House suddenly announced that two years of Lois Lerner's emails are gone.  Poof! I would venture to guess the missing emails more than likely implicate Obama and his Democrat pals for these abuses. Convenient. 

During the beginning of IRS demoralization of those who dared speak out against him, I can imagine a downright giddy Obama scheming to cause great hardship to the country's conservative groups. What a better way to shut up the growing Tea Party dissatisfaction and dissent, than to get the IRS to begin doing his dirty work right after he took office.  Conservative groups were targeted en masse being in 2009 and continued on until the news broke last year.

Since the Nixon days, it might have been unimaginable that any president would be such a fartwad as to order the brutalization of detractors by siccing the IRS on them. Also unimaginable for him to order the holdup of their nonprofit applications while he entered re-election season so as to force their attention elsewhere. And unimaginable to order spying on all American citizens as well as heads of other countries in every possible invasive and violating way.  But now after all of these controversies, which have clearly been touched by Obama's dirty hand, have been uncovered and brought to light, it is not so unimaginable. I used to think the man was a misguided socialist.  Now I believe he is downright Bellevue Hospital insane and his wife is batshit crazy.

As the story continues to unfold, we find that Ms. Lerner's emails are suddenly and rather conveniently gone. Evidently her email did not seem to be working for a period of oh, say quite some time while she supposedly reported her computer crashed and nothing was done to get the emails from say, backup files. No sense of urgency during this alleged timeframe. Don't you think the head of the IRS is kind of going to need access to her email?  Or while she claims to have no access, did they pound out memos on flint stone and send smoke signals? More than likely, the IRS discovered Ms. Lerner had a problem and they are now capitalizing on it by destroying evidence. And we are expected to believe this maniacal idioticism the Obama administration is attempting to spoon feed us.

Gee, let me guess, the same IT company that designed the Obamacare website also provided IT services from 2009-2011 for the IRS. I mean, they couldn't get their shit together though we paid them a handsome $174 Million for the website

I personally know at least 3 people fully capable of locating those allegedly lost Lois Lerner emails. Sorry folks, but it just isn't that hard. The Obama administration needs to stop behaving like three year olds who think nobody is looking while they swipe that finger of frosting and the people need to wake up and force them to answer our questions. It is time to vote Democrats out of office for supporting this kabuki nonsense. We can do better than this.

 I'm thinking right about now that anyone still supportive of the Obama administration and their unending litany of lies is an all out numbnuts. What imbecile could possibly support such a liar? I have more ethical and sincere skin tags than that useless blob of flesh named Barack Obama.