TXDOT Strangled Lanes

It's bad enough that TX DOT has been holding lanes of traffic hostage in that moronic plan called HOV or High Occupancy Vehicle lanes but now we go from bad to worse because they are continuing to hold them hostage only now you get to pay to use them.

There is nothing quite like taking once free lanes on the freeways in Dallas and turning them into toll roads while claiming they will help ease burdensome traffic all over DFW.  Oh sure it sounds altruistic enough, "Gee the HOV lanes were totally underutilized", ya think? So they will continue to hold the lanes hostage by making them paid lanes for those who wish to fork out even more money to get to work.

Hows about they just make the lanes free again?  Imagine just how much they would ease the traffic burden.  Rather, they would like to manage that cash right out of your wallet by making a buck or two out of your hard earned paycheck each time you use the lanes.

Why people put up with this abuse is a true curiosity. To be honest, it's a bit segregating, isn't it? Those who can afford to drive in the lanes will and the have-nots will have to sit in traffic. Oh boy. However I suspect that is merely an unintended byproduct of the plan.  These new toll lanes will be found on 635 and 75 on this side of town. Ultimately all of your lanes will continue to join the ranks of the toll and soon, I predict there will be nary a free-way in North Texas.  Wait and see.