Collin County Commissioner Mark Reid Takes Bold Step in Protecting Rule of Law and Texas Sovereignty

Mark Reid, Collin County Commissioner for Precinct 1 was able to get the following resolution on Monday's agenda:

Where the hell is Wylie's Commissioner Cheryl Williams in all of this? Everyone tells me she is very conservative and holds many tea party values, but it seems lately she has been lacking in her duty to uphold the majority values of our precinct. She did not support Katrina Pierson for Congress, though 56% of Wylieites did. Wasn't it Williams who agreed to send back the BLM Memorandum revised rather than just plain shouting a, "Hells no?" Why is she not the champion for all things conservative? Rather Mark Reid is continually stealing the thunder and I'm starting to get a bitter taste in my mouth over Commissioner Williams. whose only real recent claim to fame is obtaining funding to fix the dogleg at Parker and Country Club.

Perhaps it is time for us to say buh bye to Cheryl Williams the next go around as there are plenty of others capable of taking our message to Collin County.

If you want to see some real champions in the making, see if the Wylie City Council passes a similar resolution. What a way to get our name in lights like the town of Marble Falls. Since when did Texas rule of law go out of fashion?