Dallas County: Judge Clay Jenkins Protested For Invitation to Harbor Illegal Aliens

A group of liberty-minded people gathered outside of Judge Clay Jenkin's cushy Highland Park home today to protest his unlawful decision to invite 2K illegal alien children to be housed in Dallas County.

The media buzzards were there circling the crowd looking for ripe pickings.

The police presence was an absolutely disgusting and flagrant waste of taxpayer funds for such a small group of polite and quiet people. Hells, I've had larger more robust parties than that at my house.

If you zoom in to the photo below, on the left of the stadium you can see a line of police vehicles ready to roll.

This ought to be clue number one for potential protesters of the busloads of illegal aliens headed our way soon.  Let it be known that the liberals running Dallas County are flexing their muscle and ready to waste even more taxpayer funds as they order arrests en masse using the rather ambiguous 'public disobedience' as their guidebook.  Don't even think about blocking a road, according to Clay Jenkins who conveniently decided to leave the state.

Though the officers we spoke with were quite supportive of our right to free speech, even letting us know they have water and a cooling station available for any protesters who are overcome by the 100 degree heat, it was clear they were ordered to shut us down if any roads are blocked.  They repeatedly told people to get out of the street, except those people in the street were all reporters!

That said, our protest group made sure we were quiet and respectful of property owner's rights. We stayed out of their driveways and off their lawns.  We even kept our noise level considerately low. I do believe this is the most polite protest I have ever attended.