LaRaza President and CEO Janet Muguia wins the Befuddled by the Clowns Award this week as she exclaimed at their annual conference in Los Angeles, La Raza CEO: ‘USA! USA!’ Chants ‘Made Me Angry’.

If she was so angry that protesters chanted 'USA' why is she here anyway? At the conference, she failed to mention her compadres chanted 'Viva LaRaza', or 'Long Live the Race'. Convenient.

These hatemongers stand up there in front of a panting liberal media, with all their platitudes and feigned indignation over some sort of ill treatment fabricated in their imaginings, and suddenly Americans are all the bad guys. Oh I get it, like chanting 'USA' is a hurtful epithet. Bitch, if you don't have American pride why are you here pillaging our resources then?

What is so wrong with American Exceptionalism anyway? Liberals flit around town complaining that Americans stole the land from the natives, and that we steal the world's wealth. In what twisted crack dream did they conjure this up? Every country in the world was formed through conquering. There is no land in existence that was not taken from someone else so what makes the American natives any more important than any other group? I'll tell you. Because we have been paying them restitution for it and there is no other group in the world that can say that. The pilgrims did nothing more than was done elsewhere but the focus is on America because it is an exceptional country. Remember when you were a kid sitting at the top of the dog pile? You were the target. It's no different.

It is the liberals who are steeped in exploitation as they tout what big bad people those Americans are. I can just see those Agenda 21 folks passing the hash pipe and saying, "That's some good shit, man" as they plotted the destruction of American Exceptionalism.

Never mind that Americans brought back Europe from the brink of practical extinction after WWII as it lay crippled and smoldering through our Marshall Plan. Let's just overlook how America is relied upon for leadership and technology in every mass catastrophe around the world. We gave the world the light bulb, phonograph, motion picture camera, rubber, the sewing machine, and the assembly line. Who put the first man on the moon? Oh and let us not forget who gives more foreign aid than any other nation that has ever been in existence? The US gave $37 Trillion alone in 2012. Without our technology, funds, and altruism, the world would still be struggling in its existence.

If you don't like America and all that she has to offer, and if you have no pride in our exceptionalism, then get the f%#k out.