La Raza Bandits

Better watch out! According to the book of liberals, if you are against the call to amnesty, then you are an extremist, a bigot, perhaps even a Hispanophobe.  Horrors!

Indeed, they even created a name for it. Who knew?  Evidently if you don't like that these aliens are breaking our laws by coming here and being pampered on our dime while not paying anything into the system, you too would be an Hispanophobe. Personally I think these supporters of law-breakers currently whining like sissies are slightly brain damaged.

Ya, ya, sure, sure, it's not like we haven't heard it all before. The Tea Partiers are called extremists. The conservatives are called homophobes. Seems there is a pigeonhole for just about everyone these days.

I say these people can save it for someone who gives a crap because it's not me.  And it's not a lot of people I know including Democrats, Republicans, liberals, and conservatives.  Seems a lot of people don't particularly care for Obama's handling of amnesty, immigration, and illegal aliens at the moment.  We certainly don't care for the true colors being displayed by very unpatriotic people supporting lawlessness by promoting the illegal crossing of our borders.  Well, that is unless you are one of these grumpy-faced asshats parading around as immigration lawyers.

Jeez, and I thought those feminazis I made fun of were bad; these people are just plain pathetic. I'll have you know these people called upon US Attorney General Eric Holder and FBI Director James Comey to investigate several Tea Party leaders for the Murrieta kerfuffle last week.  So there, hmmmmfff.

I can just see it now, crossed arms and pouty faces, these Tequila Party people don't even drink of the stuff. Had they, they might actually have smiles on their faces rather than a big red-lipped scowl and frowny brows.

The Tequila Party claims that those leading the protest are homeland domestic terrorists and they also claim these people were inciting the use of force of violence. Um right, didn't see any violence or lawless action at any of these blockades, so little missy, stompy foot Nebraska lawyer Shirley Mora James is full of the verbal diarrhea here.

Evidently the 1st Amendment only applies to you if you are for amnesty, well or if you are La Raza, a well known KKKesque Latino supremacist group. You see, it's OK for them to chant Viva La Raza but it's not OK if anyone chants USA. You might be a domestic terrorist if.....

These people are downright scary, and they are showing up at the protests to protest the 1st Amendment rights of protesters. Real smart.

So do we have violence to look forward to? Not from conservatives that run in my circles.  Though we are painfully aware of plants that pretend they are one of us but run amok to make us look bad, we're not falling for that. And we're not falling for the bandit handkerchief face or push and shove tactics of these La Raza bullies who obviously hold no respect nor reverence for our laws.

If they really wanted to be US Citizens, they would act like it.