Road to Nowhere

The photos of children neatly lined up, or lying amongst a patchwork quilt of blankets are difficult to look at for many people. That image is precisely what the Obama liberals want you to see. A mass of dark shiny hair moving as one, running from some unknown plight, that the Obama administration defines for us as sadistic drug lords. The media would have you think they are fugitives. They are not.

According to


  [fyoo-ji-tiv]  Show IPA
a person who is fleeing, from prosecution, intolerable circumstances, etc.; a runaway: a fugitive from justicea fugitive from a dictatorial regime.

What is stymieing is that the drug cartels are allowing these children to leave, to be sure there is much money exchanging hands as they happily escort this new gravy to the buses and trains and wave as they depart. Does anyone really believe the drug cartels are not being paid massive funds to look the other way? The strikingly poor families of these children cannot afford the $3K, $5K, or even $10K trip to the United States. Ask yourself who is paying for their travels?

That answer will sicken you. The likely flow of funds is coming directly from human trafficking. Indeed, many of these children are headed off to a fate worst than death.

If you study the few photos of children being allowed out from the border, you will see they are not all little brown kids, there are Asians in the mix as well.  The answer is one that most people do not want to think about, let acknowledge exists in the United States.

Many of these children have been bought and paid for  before they even embark upon their journey. They will endure a nearly suicidal trip to the US border while the Mexican drug lords stand aside as that gravy train heads on through their well patrolled territory. They too have been paid off by someone.

The infants and toddlers are likely headed to the illegal adoption market. It is likely many of the children, older teens, and young adults pimping themselves off as high school aged are bringing stashes of drugs along with them in various body cavities. Nobody is checking for this at the border.

These children you see in the photos are handed off to Health and Human Services, given immunizations and treated for their various illnesses and then sent to holding facilities until they can be united with a 'custodian' who promises to bring them to their hearing date. The problem is, less than 90% ever make it to their immigration hearing. Where are they going?

Those nice altruistic 'custodians' who are supposed to be there for the children, 54K and counting, are connecting them with their handlers to enter the illegal sex trade and labor forces. These children will be raped, tortured, and enslaved for the rest of their short lives.

So as much as  you might want to send those teddy bears and blankies to the border, you are part of the problem and not part of the solution.  It is confounding to see Senator Ted Cruz join Glenn Beck at the border using their star power to show how neatly the children are being cared for. Nothing screams 'send more' than a soccer ball and teddy bear. The most humane thing that can be done is demand that border be closed.

Close the borders and then we'll pass out the teddy's and lolli's, and Happy Meals, otherwise, we are perpetuating the problem by promoting that the border is indeed open and is a veritable Disneyland prompting parents to send more, and more they are sending. Last word from our sources is that there are 300K more in Mexico right now, making their way up to our border.

Do  not fall prey to the propaganda pulling at heartstrings. Pump focus and energy into closing the borders first.