The Real Faces of Islam

This post is very difficult to write because the images make me sick to my stomach. However it is a necessary post which will aid readers in deciding they want and desire American Exceptionalism and not the alternative.

If we do not stand up now while the United States is under siege by an tyrannical president and his hand-picked administration, then we are doomed in one way or another by his handiwork.

Here is a clip of California liberal Democrat Representative Maxine Waters speaking to the Islamic Society of Orange County, California back in 2012.

In her speech she tells those gathered that voting against Sharia Law is bigotry and is the GOPs way of fear mongering. Lets take a look at what Sharia Law can do for her shall we?

I cannot even post the clitorectomy photos here as they are simply too graphic, however many young girls are forced to have their clitoris removed and vagina's sewn shut, leaving a tiny hole for menstruation. The scar tissue is designed to act as a sort of chastity belt.

Women are beaten and stoned for activities which seem commonplace in the western world.

 The burqa and other coverings are a requirement under Sharia Law.

Women and even young girls are mutilated for breaking rules.

This twit Maxine Waters thinks showing photos of these women is fear mongering? Stupid, stupid woman.  Islam is not peaceful.

ISIS beheads 50 soldiers and puts them on display.  Warning! Extremely graphic photos and video in this link.

In France, pro-Palestinian activists chant, "Gas the Jews" and "Kill the Jews" as they attacked Jewish owned businesses and a synagogue in Sarcelles.

Recently there was a pro-Palestinian protest in Chicago against Israel.

Many marching are clearly Muslim. Those who are not are young and clearly uneducated on the subject.

A Jewish reporter is attacked in Miami, Florida, in our own country!

 Islam is not peace.

Palestine's claims to Israeli land can be debunked in 5 minutes:

It was made fairly clear to the world when President Obama rudely snubbed Benjamin Netanyahu during his 2012 visit, that Obama held no regard for Israel, our only ally in the Middle East. This message further emboldens the Palestinians as they attack Israel.

Meanwhile a weak President Obama puffs empty circles of air at Putin over the Ukraine woes while trying to emasculate the US by bringing on an epic illegal alien crisis.

Was there ever a man more intent on wasting the United States than Barack Hussein Obama and his unconstitutional executive orders? At this point he has far surpassed Osama bin Laden's attempts.

Meanwhile as President Obama golfs and fund-raises for his beloved liberals, in Israel the people are warned to leave bombing locations and in Gaza the Palestinian women and children are told to shelter in place while bombs and weapons are hidden with them. Their leaders make them human shields further weakening support of Israel by showing bloody and blown up women and children bits to the morons marching in Chicago and around the world.

Islam is not a religion of peace and Barack Obama is aiding and abetting.  The face of Islam is violent.