Waxing on Taxing

My Wylie News this week has an article titled Requests exceed funds. Well of course they do. The budgets in Wylie always seem to exceed funds, even after our tax revenue has exponentially exceeded the budgeted amount from the previous year. The tax and spend mindset is just plain disgusting.

"Let's be spendthrifts", said no Wylie department ever. Wylie is the highest taxed city in all of Collin and Dallas counties. That is not an honor, that is an embarrassment.

The abject failure of our city administrators to right-size the budget year over year is a massive failure. The failure of our council to demand it is a failure of epic proportions. This year and last when our property values jumped sky high and tax revenue continued on the path of steady increase so did the city spending. Well they simply cannot be a for profit entity so they must give all that money to someone else, right?  Revenues went up on all fronts and is the money came in the front door, they were doling it out in the form of raises and expecting all their budgetary pie in the sky requests to be met. Why is their first inclination not to give it back to the taxpayers?

This is little old Wylie, Texas folks. Our city budgets should be commensurate with what we have now. Our infrastructure, for the most part, is up and running, our crime rate is down, we don't have massive waits for fire and rescue, our parks are clean and comfortable, our rec center is full, so just when is good, good enough?

The spending spree on the resident's backs has got to come to an abrupt end, and what a better year than this? It is time for our council to push back and get the taxpaying citizens a reasonable tax break; no half cent and quarter cent nonsense. We deserve a 4 cent decrease and when I studied the budget 2 years ago, it was absolutely plausible, except for that little hoarding mindset going on with the top city administrators.

The new homes being built in Wylie have price tags high enough to meet the roughly $250K threshold necessary for them not to be a burden on the city. We learned a few years ago that any home under that amount costs the city money in services. Since those days, much new shopping has been built and we  have had a tax revenue stream like never before, but it all seems to be one excuse after another as to why we would remain so astronomically taxed to death by the City of Wylie. Oh, and they seem to do it without any compunction whatsoever.

Everyone in Wylie seems to be complicit with this tax and spend idea as well. You don't see the business owners rebelling, no taxpayer picketing. The newspapers love to get your panties in a twist each tax year as well. In the article, as is every year, exists the obligatory words 'tax increase'. This is designed to scare the bejesus our of you so you'll be happy to hand over your hard earned cash in the form of ridiculously high taxes.

It is time to say no more.  It's time for our city to give us our money back.