Wylie Smokehouse

I arrived home after ten days of New Orleans, Epcot, Panama City Beach and Orange Beach to find my Wylie News sitting on the counter.  As I read it over a coffee or three this morning, no worries I've gone totally decaf because you can probably imagine an uber-hyper me on caffeine, I had to laugh about the smoking ordinance article.

The City Council decided they would not add further smoking restrictions upon citizens. Huffing and puffing hot and heavy at this thing, Councilman Nathan Scott was pushing for restrictions in restaurants and businesses all over Wylie.

With the vehemence Councilman Scott brought to the work session table and the dais, one must wonder why he is so opposed? So I will let my imagination go all rampant on you. 

I envision him brought into a dreary, grey cinderblock police station for questioning. And you know, it's not a far cry either seeing as he has had a couple stints at the jailhouse in the past.  In my minds eye I see a dark and dank interior and a bunch of detectives with rolled up shirtsleeves, cussing and bantering back and forth as they sit at dirty, chipped metal desks.  Right, kind of like the British copper show Life on Mars where a cool yet ruggedly wimpy Brit puffing on a fag, blows smoke in the criminal's face just to piss him off, but I digress.

Before I go off on the Council twerp for his venomous support of trampling citizen's Constitutional rights, let me state that I cannot stand smoking.  It is an absolutely filthy habit, though I have been known for a bizarre penchant for the smell of cigars, but that's beside the point. Personally I don't want to be around cigarette smoke and Lord have Mercy, did you ever kiss a smoker?  Yikes!  But again, I wander from the topic at hand.

Although I don't care to be around smoke, or even smokers, about as much as I don't care to look at someone's underwear as their pants sag to the point I wonder if they've got a full diaper somewhere under there, I feel vehemently about infringing upon the rights of all people, not just one group over another.

Just as I abhorred Affirmative Action, and I abhor the idea of our government trying to force Hobby Lobby to provide certain methods of birth control that are against their religious belief system, I abhor the idea of our government sticking their noses into our business.  If you don't like smoke, don't patronize a restaurant. If nobody is going there, they will self regulate the smokers out. If you want to have abortions, don't work at Hobby Lobby.  If you don't agree with Hobby Lobby's take on the right to life, nobody is twisting  your arm to shop there. This is America folks, land of choices, so go make you some and stop asking your government to be a nanny for your sorry self.

So as Councilman Nathan Scott whined, "...our children have the right to clean air before someone has the right to light up a cigarette and kill themselves."  Um, no they don't doofus.  Last time I checked, all citizens of the United States are protected equally under the US Constitution, so no, your kids don't have more rights than some idiot who chooses to puff on the cancer sticks. 

As much as I can appreciate Mayor Hogue, Councilman Wintters, and Councilman Scott not wanting smoke in their environment because it is stinky, a health hazard, and annoying, I have to agree with Councilmen Jones, Dahl, Whitney, and that hunky Stephens on this one. We do not need our City Council telling us how to live our lives.