A Handy Game of Command and Conquer

If you have ever played Command and Conquer, you understand the concept of division and organized, planned chaos.  The premise is simple, create so much confusion, by tossing diversions in the way, so the masses become increasingly confounded and ultimately unable to mobilize. Divide, divide, divide because a divided enemy in a war is a weak one.

This is the game being played by Washington DC across this country and we see it in no better example than Ferguson, Missouri.  It is a game designed to create purposeful, planned racial discourse.

Even the Democrat Governor Jay Nixon of Missouri has publicly condemned the police officer before the Grand Jury has handed down any decision on the case. Liberals have distorted the idea of justice and twisted 'innocent until proven guilty' into something unrecognizable.

The officer has been tried and convicted in the court of black public opinion because that is the minimum acceptable general consensus demanded by liberal black public leaders, regardless of logic or even truth.  By lending themselves to the cause, they are able to create unrest and division between the black and white community.  The ultimate goal is angry black folk, because angry, pissed-off people vote with their emotions rather than logic. 

Liberals send divisive black leader after divisive black leader to the scene to create division and chaos with their race-filled rhetoric about justice while they condemn their nemesis.  This is not the first time we've seen this, just think back to Trayvon Martin and Rodney King. Even white folk are divided about the topic.

The likes of Spike Lee, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton spur on the marches, looting, and Molotov cocktails with their divisive doublespeak.  Even the Democrat Governor spouts off his condemnation furthering division. The liberals stoke the flames until emotions are unbearably raw and then DC queues Attorney General Eric Holder to arrive as some mock hero to sooth nerves while the others conveniently fade to the background.  With Command and Conquer, the masses don't know which way to turn, what is up and what is down, which is front, which is back, what is right and what is wrong.  They don't know what is truth and what is fiction.

This plan comes from the very top too, it always does. President Barack Obama's policy and dangerous demagoguery have deeply divided this country and we now have Americans pitted against Americans.  That is their plan and it comes right from the Command and Conquer playbook.

The only way conservatives will win against this tactic is to remain united.  We must all do our part and vote, even if we have to hold our noses and select Republicans that are less than desirable.  We must take back the Senate and keep the House in November and we must take back the presidency in 2016. 

We must unite under one focus at a time or this planned chaos will continue to reign. We cannot afford more of the same.