Fair Warning

Photo credit: abcnews.go.com

The following comments were posted in response to a meeting invite with Pete Sessions at his office this evening:

Ernesto wrote: Pete Sessions! I don't know what I was thinking. I misspoke! NO! I am not behind that RINO! Sorry! I was thinking of a good guy!

Rose wrote: I will not vote for this man in the fall. We were told that a Republican Congress would be the best thing for this country and they haven't done a thing. Pete only cares about his money and position. We can afford to lose this one seat. Is he even eligible to run in this district?

You see, despite the Obama  numb nuts we have in office, with one catastrophe greater than the next, people are still unwilling to hold their noses and vote for candidates the establishment GOPers continually push up. When will they learn that people have truly had enough of this?

As I see it, Representative Pete Sessions is going to have a difficult time holding his seat against the Democrat Frank Prerez.  Why?  A whole lot of people are going to no-vote this race because they cannot stand Sessions' deceitful votes and residence issue.  Additionally, the Wendy Davis crowd will be out voting by the busloads, quite literally.  You can bet the Democrats have been busy signing up new voters left and right and I predict it will be a very tight race.  Without the Conservatives, old Pete may just lose his cushy seat. 

So if Pete Sessions wants to win this race, he had better start playing nice with the Tea Partiers. This is fair warning.